Justin Beaber fan Arrested and Tasered by Police at concert

Fans of Justin Bieber caused chaos at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island yesterday, resulting in the arrest of James A. Roppo, senior vice president with Island Def Jam Records.

Bieber was scheduled to make an appearance at a store called Justice on Friday afternoon and according to ABC, an estimated three thousand pre-teen girls and their parents camped out at the mall since 7 AM.

Investigators said the crowd turned aggressive at some point a girl at the scene said “one mom broke her arm.”

NCPD Police units and several Garden City Police units were called to the scene and eventually canceled the event.

Witnesses said fights broke out and at least one girl was tasered and removed by police, while four to give other injuries were reported.

Bieber took to his Twitter, informing followers that one person among his crew was arrested. Nassau Police said Roppo was arrested because he was not helping them disperse the crowd.

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