Chinese Girl cries over Justin Bieber, Live At MuchMusic!

Don’t worry, young Justin Bieber fan. You’ll never be apart…at least that’s what he says in his new song Baby. Justin premiered the song during a hysteria filled performance on Live@MuchMusic to roaring applause and teenage screams.

Fans sent in video entries for a chance to see their young idol and turned out in droves to see the star perform songs from his debut album My World. He even serenaded a Chinese fan, surely making her year.

  • http://justinbierzone JBfanjoannarox

    i wish i was that girl

  • AShley

    heya i love justin beiber because he is so aweosme and he is the awesoemets tween idol yet… for all you justin beiber h8ters he made it this far and all you could do is hate????? wow you guys dont have ne thing else to do… welll justin beiber i love you very much and im ur biggets fan eva… not lyke these wanna be fan on these sites!!!! well love ya!!!

  • JBfanjoannarox

    I’m Chinese I still wish dat was me

  • tan lee fang

    i love justin bieber