Demi Lovato tweets Justin Bieber’s Common Denominator. Duet?


Looks like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez aren’t the only Disney star who’s loving Justin Bieber’s new album “My World”! Demi Lovato took to Twitter yesterday to share her love for Bieber with fans, which ignited a conversation between she and Justin!

Demi: “Anyone else obsessed with Justin Bieber’s new album?”

Justin: “thank u. maybe 1 of these days we will meet. what is your fav song?”

Demi: “@JustinBieber Uh, excuse me biebz… we already have met! Don’t think I forgot!! 😛 ” Here is where Demi attached the picture shown above!

Justin: “@ddlovato lol. got me. well then we should chill maybe grab a movie 😉 what is your favorite song anyway?”

Demi: “@justinbieber common denominator!! You have such soul in your voice, incredible! 🙂 ”

Demi: “@Justinbieber P.S. Nice try tryin’ to forget we already met….. mhmmm I see how it is… 😛 ”

Justin: “@ddlovato 🙂 well we might have to remix common denominator together. thanks for the shoutout about the album btw”

Demi: “@justinbieber Let’s do it 🙂 ”

Would you like to hear Justin and Demi remix “Common Denominator”?


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