Demi Lovato tweets Justin Bieber’s Common Denominator. Duet?


Looks like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez aren’t the only Disney star who’s loving Justin Bieber’s new album “My World”! Demi Lovato took to Twitter yesterday to share her love for Bieber with fans, which ignited a conversation between she and Justin!

Demi: “Anyone else obsessed with Justin Bieber’s new album?”

Justin: “thank u. maybe 1 of these days we will meet. what is your fav song?”

Demi: “@JustinBieber Uh, excuse me biebz… we already have met! Don’t think I forgot!! :P ” Here is where Demi attached the picture shown above!

Justin: “@ddlovato lol. got me. well then we should chill maybe grab a movie ;) what is your favorite song anyway?”

Demi: “@justinbieber common denominator!! You have such soul in your voice, incredible! :)

Demi: “@Justinbieber P.S. Nice try tryin’ to forget we already met….. mhmmm I see how it is… :P

Justin: “@ddlovato :) well we might have to remix common denominator together. thanks for the shoutout about the album btw”

Demi: “@justinbieber Let’s do it :)

Would you like to hear Justin and Demi remix “Common Denominator”?


  • Britt and Steph

    yes do a duet. justin bieber if you want i will catch that movie with you (wink)

  • http://non fromchile haha

    woww i’d like that
    demi just tweeted about a duet she’s recording =O

  • Taylor

    yes it would be kool

  • daysi

    Ilove you justin bieber

  • daysi


  • E.G. *i love u justin

    JUSTIN I LOVE UR MUSIC…..I want 2meet u:)

  • karina



    • janaina

      oiiiiiiiiiiii justin eu sou a sua fã numero1 eu te amoo muito amor do meu♥♥♥
      eu tenho tudo sobre vc

  • rima

    I love you justin and demi

  • rebe

    my name is rebeca
    i love justin bieber

  • Tea

    hey justin bieber i know now ur cool now but u must have been weird before you was famous

  • maaria

    te quiero justin bieber
    eres el mas guapo de todos..

  • larissa

    justin eu te amo muito eu e minha melhor amiga y love yu
    baby baby baby oh

  • maria

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  • camila

    JuStIn eStAs bIen BuEnOtE
    Te aMo mE EncAnTaN tUs
    cAnCiOnEs Y Me enCaNtA
    tU PeLoCoMo Lo DeSpEiNaS
    Y CoMo mAnEjAs Tu BiCiClEtA
    aSiA AtRaS
    Te aMo

    ATt=) tU FaN NuMeRo1uNo

  • camila

    JuStIn eS uNa lAsTiMa
    QuE Tu nOvIa Te AllA dEjAdO
    tU qUe TaN BoNiTaS
    cAnSiOnEs TaN bOnItO tu
    PuEs QuE LaSTiMa QuE tU nOvI
    No Te AllA aPRoBeChADo

    AtT=)tU FaN nUmErO1uNo

  • mikaela

    αγαπαω τον justin bieber γιατι ειναι ο καλιτερος τραγουδιστης απο τους ελληνες τραγουδιστες ο justin bieber ειναι ενα ωραιο αγορι που αρεσει σε ολλα τα κοριτσια τον θαυμασουν ελπιζω να παω στην αμερικη και οπυ αλου ειναι για να του παρω αφτογραφο. Το αγαπημενο μου τραγουδη του justin bieber ειναι το baby και το one time

  • bruna

    loooooooooooooooooove you .my+you=big love.

    • Pamela

      olá justin!!!
      vc é mt lindo amo suas músicas!!!
      quando vier no brasil quero te ver bem de perto, isso é!!se eu naum passar mal!!!
      bjs teh mais…..


  • juliocesaryugo

    hello espero que estes bien me gustan tus canciones eres un gran artista
    pf asi espero que no seas como los demas y no constestelos los comentarios pero bueno te ves muy buena onda sale adios

  • Marg

    Yes yes yes!!

  • vivian


  • shelby

    dude all those ppl who say justin bieber is gay r like probaly jealus cause it brings like tears almost too my eyes he is so hott!!!!!1 and everyone knos tht wen all chicks can talk about is JUSTIN BIEBER(breathtaking lol(:)thn thurr qoinq too get jealus and so yeah i jst wanted to put tht out thurr lol ily bye(:

    I LoVe jUStIN BiEBeR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( (because ill prob nvr get too see him but,,, (: because he’s flippin hott!!!!!!!!!!!lol

    • http://www.facebook.com/farahlayri Farah Layri

      well its not about the looks its about their personality,hey dnt get me wrong i’m a big fan of him too but not bc his looks but bc of his songs and the story that led him to be the most youngest singer just it happend in youtube,that what inspired me to his music.like every song of his has a message or a story of his life or an edvice that wat makes his songs that gd!!!(too bad i would never have a chance to meet him scince i’m in kuwait, bet he wouldn’t ever visit there)

  • Kristina

    OMG I LOVE YOU! One of my friends is even putting you in this story we have to write as part of our english exam prep!!!! You have such talent! Please just don’t be like some other stars and let fame go to your head! Your so cool! :)

  • http://nathalia_fernanda@hotmail.com nathalia

    justin só falta vc vazer um programa no disney channel pra eu te ver todo dia beijos i love sp

  • gehan

    your a jerk justin bieber u need a life

    • EmmaBieber!

      I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Justin Bieber is the Best and i bet hes hotter than you!!!!!
      “justin, dont listin to him hes the jerk! and your the hottest guy eva!!!!!!!!!!”
      LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      i would do anything yo meet Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!

    • Kristina

      Ok. If ur spending all of ur timehating someone you don’t have a life and need one.
      I don’t hate you but I think its rude, he’s doing things with his life and some of them are to help people (ex. Wavin’ flag) (love that song!) So next time think.
      well you’re on the computer dissing someone you don’t even know!
      and you could LOVE if you met him in reality! he’s out there working and doing something with his life!

      I love you and your music Justin :)

  • Marcelle

    Justin Bieber I love you too if I could I would go there only to meet you my name is Marcelle I am 12 years old! ! !
    you get girls apart from what age?

    • Marcelle

      what is your msn ?

  • Marcelle

    what’s your phone number?

  • Marcelle

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  • Clara


    • EmmaBieber!

      I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • EmmaBieber!

      U r the biggest meanie eva!
      he’s soooooo hot and hes nice and hes got the best eva voice!!!
      I love U!!!!!!!!!!
      im honest!!!!!

  • evellyn

    justiN Bieber quandos anos vc tem?

  • iris

    oi justin,sou apaixonada com os seus clips,e espero anciosa o seu show aqui no Brasil;

    um grande beijo,te adoroooo.