Justin Bieber and Barack Obama Picture

justinbieber and barrack obama
Yayy,.. Justin Bieber goes to Washington. He even had a chance to take a picture with president Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and of course.. Usher. but pity.. the photo’s quality isn’t that good and kinda blurry.. :(

  • Cleo

    I think this pic is the best you all look great especially Justin Because he is soooooooo cute!!!!:)

  • lama fadi mohammed wazzi mokahal

    i love u and i love all your songs lke baby and 1 lonely girl and love me u are my bset singer aver u u rock hot and cool i wish i can take your phone num and2 chat with my home num is 8589519 plz call me at7:00 p.m ok and i am living in king.of sadia arabia do u know i am from lebano n and mostly i love u.s.a just like u love di lama mokahal plz call

    • Aprilinda

      I’m sorry b4, you shouldn’t give your # out, thats dangerous. okey?

  • Kenitza nd Justin bigest fan

    U r so hot nd sexi I’m ur bigest fan

  • N.N.S.H.

    i want to meet the president sumday!