Justin Bieber and Caitlin Beadles Videos Before the break UP

So, Caitlin Beadles used to be Justin’s girlfriend, but now they broke up. Did they break up because JB’s career was taking off? And they probably wouldn’t see each other and stuff? only justin knows!

  • anyul

    how did you two love birds break up?

    • Justin bieber Lova

      He Had 2 Go On Tour So He Broke Up With Her….

      • LOl…Ha

        Ha.. loi

    • Felicia fesyah

      Hi2 i like you,please you go to indonesia,indonesia contry so cool and amazing

      • Felicia fesyah

        Justin biber i want you sing dual together vanessa hudgens ,pleassssssssssssse:(

    • Kidrauhl Always

      Caitlin in my opinion was justins best girlfriend ever, they broke up because Caitlin did it for him and that his life was taking of and it was the best thing for both of them not to have a long distance relationship basically

  • nge

    so um, u broke up wit ur GF, why?

    • Talia

      I think because justin found another gf?

      • Ms.selena

        Heyy Everybodyy

      • Ms.selena

        Heyy Everybody Dear Fans: This Is Selena Like Serious All I Wanna Say Is That Me And Justin Are Breaking Up…..

      • selgomez

        me and justin were just looking at this page ( thank you to the person who runs this website , its so sweet <3 ) and i would just like to make it clear that me and justin are not breaking up, we are in love and we hope to stay in love. I do not mean to sound cruel but i would prefer if you didnt make up silly rumours about me and Justin, we would just like to keep our relationship to ourselves and stay as humble as possible. thanks :) x

  • nge

    u look rrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyy cute together, plz b together again!

    • http://google nicole

      i hope jb falls in love with me sum day he is so hot i love you justin bieber you r so cute

      • Eugenia

        you are funny.:D

      • sierra

        u toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo r sooooooooooooooooo cute together break up with selena gomez for her or me lol

  • courtney and nigeria Bieber

    hey ya’ll whatsz up >:( this vid makes meh so jealous stupid caitlyn haha!

    • girl you dont know..

      why are you jealous its not like you gotta a chance plus this was be4 the fame hun hes gotta have a life to so you need to go find one its not like hes got tome for a girlfriend now or beleive me he would have one now hun okay…


    • brooke

      dont listen to that other girl. he WAS famous when he made this video. apparently shes not a fan and doesnt know what shes talking about. yes, alot of people are jealous of caitlin. but shes a really nice girl, dont hate on her because her and justin had a love connection. and caitlin isnt famous.. that just shows that he’d date a fan. so maybe one day you’ll have the chance. who knows?

  • Jade

    u guys r cute 2gether..i gues??

    • SIM

      there not cute? have u seen her?!! i would not dirve 3 hours to see HER in consert!! :P

  • Shelby

    that was a crazy video but he looks so hot

    • not telling

      hes so cute and id do enything for him to be with me i love him soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo x evinity much and i think they were a bit cute but not much it should be me there lol and you did look cute together jb if your listening lol

  • jamaica

    how did they break up!!!!!!!

  • ally

    guys caiin and justin were awesome together. dont feel jealous of her or anything. no one knows why the broke up except justin and caitlin. remember, you probably made this happen. if u think bout it, its true. u made him famous, and some of u say that cuz he had to go on tour, they broke up. no one knows exactly, so stop making rumors. caitlin and justin u guys were ad0rable tho!

  • http://msn ashley

    hey justin bieber and cailtin beadles how r u both and i love u jsutin and cailtin u r pretty and my sister is a model and famous and i am going to be a model soon and can u email me at ashleyesmith01@msn.com justin and cailtin please and thanks love u both. love ashley

  • Kylie H.

    If you break- up wit anyone else contact me please LOL…I truly love you Justin Drew Bieber! <3

  • jessie

    uuhhhmm….i like the video,,,but justin is my only ultimate crush in life..justin,this sounds crazy butttt
    i always dream about you every night teeheee…ain’t joking….
    hope to meet you in personal???love yahh ooollll!!!!….
    i’m ur no.1 fan!!!

  • nick

    justin still love her?

  • Taylor

    If they were happy together then thats fine. If JB is happy, then I’m happy. =)

  • rogine

    your so handsome and cute,i love your songs,you had a great voice,i love you so…..let me tell you one time,iiiiiii llllloooooovvvveeee yyyyyyooooouuuuu SSSSSOOOOOooooo……… MUCH……
    I LOVE YOU SOoooo……..
    i wish you every HAPPINESS
    who is the person u want to date thiss comming FEB.14????…..
    pass dis to all ur friends maybe they lyk you answer me first???…..

    2day is wishing day….if ur reading this msg. may god bless u may all ur wishes come true and may u have gudtimes in all stage of ur lyf….just wish for anything if u get this msg. back three times,ur wish surely come true NOW MAKE A WISH….

  • rogine

    :-) hi!!!!!!!!!!!
    hows ur day
    can we be friends….

  • rogine

    can you pls… say to taylor i lyk her style and she is nice,friendly,kind .and beautiful
    and i love her songs….
    taylor if you read this i wish you every happiness

  • Paige(:

    Justin you are soo amazing and talented.
    I know you probably hear this every day, but Im your biggest fan
    I love how you take the time, to talk to your fans.
    and I love how you have such a big heart.

    haha even though im sixteen.
    I will always love you. hahah(:

  • Tory

    i give them all the credit in the world 4 not being jealous of each other they handled the break up so maturely and its great 2 see them friends instead of enimies

  • brittni

    hey wats up?

  • Ebony staple

    omg gosh justin bieber is so hot i hope he calls me
    dont touch him hes mine we are dating

  • ebony staple

    justin bierber i liked you for so long i have always felt a connection bye. xoxo

  • Melina

    Aww… Caitlin is so adorable!
    I´m so glad she´s okay =)
    She´s an amazing person and
    Justin and her are such a cute couple!

  • Trey

    This video was after the breakup when he went to see her to check-up on her during his promotional tour when she was recovering from her accident. They are still really good friends.


    • Writni

      Hey Trey. What’s up 8)

  • rosalia medina

    odio q sea novia de justin la odio mas vien es envidia :`(

  • Heather

    omg justin is my man leave him alone by the way caitlin is out of the way so he’s mine

  • IvaBiggun

    That’s actually really sweet.You can tell they still love each other.It’s a pity they broke up though.Maybe in the future they might get back together…….hopefully.

  • krstin

    i feel happy for JUSTIN BIEBER because he is too cool to be a boyfriend to her. i did`nt like her in the first place.

  • chetta

    i betu proably dont feel bad dat u broke up wit her cuz u can have any gurl u want including me


  • nairobi

    he can hhave eny girl but hhe whants a girl that whont just ike him because he is fames. he whants some one who would not be sufcating hime. and some one whow is ok whith hime giving huges and spending time whith ather girls and so one who he can trust.some one who will love him for rell and not because hes hot not because uu are his number 1 fan. but because he is sweet, careing, kind, and giveing.because u have rell felling for him. dont go by how he loockes or whatthe is n ather pepole say about him. u half to love him for who he is not for what he loockes like. just as a regler person like u and me.just love hime for being him not the hotes person on earth . but as rgler justin bieber.that is the tip of girl he wants.i like u jb.=]

    • Brooklyn

      You have a really great point I’m sure he wants a girl like that but he just don’t have the time..He also wants a girl to be strong for him when he van’t be there right there every second and when hes touring.. Nobodys his number one fan his number one fan is his MOM and FAMILY. He is cute you don’t judge by whats on the outside the looks the fame and all that.. You look on the inside Justin has very great pottintal hes a great guy and even if he wasn’t famous and I knew him he would be a great friend because of his personality and such as a great guy he is people listen to me and this girl he don’t want the biggest fan.. He just wan’ts somebody to love him for him not the fame..


  • lana

    i feel like cryin PLZZ add me on bebo itz steele and ifluu im listenin 2 your song right now never let u go and i won tha golden ticket but i dont no wat 2 do with itt