Justin Bieber dominates at KDWB Jingle Ball – Concert Review

Justin Bieber In Concert - June 24, 2010

Eight pop-radio acts played the annual KDWB Jingle Ball on Sunday night at the Xcel Energy Center, but a scan of the T-shirts favored by the majority of the 14,000 in attendance suggested there was only one true star of the show.

Just 15 and rocking a hairdo straight out of a 1974 issue of Tiger Beat, Justin Bieber is currently the hottest thing going among those of an age to consider ‘N Sync an oldies act. With the mug of a prepubescent girl and his right foot jammed into a cast — he busted it during a London concert late last month — Bieber cast an odd figure, to say the least. Not that it mattered a whit, because every time the kid opened his mouth, the sold-out crowd howled with unbridled tween lust.

For a comment from Bieber’s target market, I asked my 13-year-old pal Taylor Lieber for her take, and she gave me the following quote, complete with creative-spelling instructions and the desire to emphasize the word “more”: “Even though he broke his foot, I’ll tell you more than one time Justin Bieber rox my sox.”

Suddenly controversial 2009 “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert was a last-minute addition to the lineup, although he didn’t do much but patiently banter with KDWB DJs a few times between sets.

Oh, and other stuff happened, too. In honor of the show’s abbreviated nature — most sets lasted about 15 or 20 minutes — here’s an appropriately quick review of the acts, haiku-style:

He likes to act tough But his party tunes and grin Are brighter than most

Owatonna kid Plays the X sans hockey stick Crowd hit: “Fireflies”

Asked crowd up on stage Total crush of dancing teens Music still no good

Pleasant enough but Move it, toots, we want Bieber Sing “Bubbly,” then leave

Jordin does disco With new single “S.O.S.” Not bad, “Idol” vet

Shriek! Justin Bieber! OMG, gasp, OMG! Justin Bieber! Scream!

White, frat boy rappers Bad jokes, even worse dancing Music? Not really

More hip-hop to close Pitbull’s raps did bark and bite Still, ears now need rest

source:ross raihala twincities.com

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