Justin Bieber is NOT Dead Nor Commit Suicide!


This sound crazy, but yeh,.. there actually people out there started rumor that Justin has died.

Early reports from TMZ claimed that Justin Bieber has committed suicide at the age of 15, on July 31st, 2009.

    • Thats A Bit |Personal Dont youu think he is not gunna show himself naked too anyone! Unless youu Are Going Out With Him!! And no Affence Mate But youu Aint gotta chance!

  1. justin bieber did not die thats just a rumor going around i dont belive in that whoever said that is a lyer………..:>..

  2. Justin Bieber Will Remain Famous Intill He Dies! Which Wont be In Till He’s Alot Older Because he has our support! I LOVEE YHUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i love Justin Bieber! and he will never ever commit suicide. unless he is not loved, but in his case many people loved him

  4. he would not show himself naked to anyone unless like they were dating for a while or somthing else like that I DONT KNOW im not that big of a fa n I didnt even know who he was until a few days ago

  5. Who would make such a nasty rumor?! I really like your songs! I can’t belive your on a horse! I love horses! I told my friend about this she dosent like your songs but she thought it was werid some dumb person made up a dumb rumor. DUMB PEOPLE WHO MAKE DUMB RUMORS DUMB!!!

  6. who would make that just plain wrong rumor, will i guess thats y they call it a rumor will on the bright side Justin looks and still is so darn funny and cute

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