Justin Bieber is waiting for Beyonce to call!

“I’ve had girlfriends. Nothing really, really serious, but I’ve had girlfriends. My first was when I was, like, 12 or 13. A month later, we broke up. Now, I’m waiting for Beyonce to call!”
On Sunday night, 12/6, Justin Bieber had some fun with Jordin Sparks at the KDWB Jingle Ball in Detroit. Backstage the two snapped a picture, with Bieber Twittering it to Jordin saying, “Look at our prom pic? Great show.”

But the best part of the night was when Bieber paused in between songs to bust out the opening verse from Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” Bieber gave Eminem the shout-out because they were in Detroit. “Had to pay respect to that guy from ‘8 Mile,'” Bieber tweeted. “Eminem is a beast.”

Bieber was moving around stage just fine despite his right leg being in an air cast because of his fractured foot, from a London show accident a few weeks ago. The foot hasn’t stopped him from doing shows, though it has gotten in the way of extracurricular activities. He tweeted to mentor Usher earlier today, “I’d play ball with you but I have a disadvantage with my broken foot.” No hoops for Bieber, but still plenty of cheers.


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