Justin Bieber “Never Let You Go” Video, live from Detroit

Justin Bieber draws some serious fans from Detroit who were lucky enough to see this 15-year-old performer sing a few great hits last night, December 5. The concert, sponsored in part by Channel 95.5 Detroit’s Hit Music, drew a large crowd boasting plenty of energy. Finding the spirit of Detroit, Justin Bieber belted out the hometown hero’s iconic song: ‘Lose Yourself’ by Enimem.

The crowd was really excited to hear this hometown tune from Justin Bieber. They then enjoyed a question and answer session Justin Bieber who also introduced his grandmother. After taking a few questions (the poor boy was having trouble hearing what was being said since the screaming was so loud), the artist sang another of his popular singles, ‘Never let You Go.’

source:Jodi Jill examiner

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