Justin Bieber vs Cody Simpson

Some of you may already know who is Cody Simpson. We are not sure if Cody Simpson is Justin Bieber WannaBe or trying to copy Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber’s debut single was “One Time” and Cody Simpson single was “One” ;). Sound almost similar right?Β  However, he said on youtube that he wrote this song “One” about years ago.

Check out Cody Simpson single “One”.

For your information, Cody Simpson is another youtube sensation from Australia. His youtube account is @CodySimpsonMusic. He isn’t famous like JB (yet), may be soon. He said, “its hard not to be compared, as Justin Bieber is so good, but i’m only 12, so that’s good”.

More about Cody Simpson.

  • He was born on January 11, 1997.
  • His twitter account is @simpsoncody
  • His youtube account is @CodySimpsonMusic
  • He has a little sister named Alli (5) and brother named Tommy (11)
  • He has a dog

What do you think? Who’s better singer? Will you stop loving Justin and move on to Cody Simpson?

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