Justin Bieber vs Cody Simpson

Some of you may already know who is Cody Simpson. We are not sure if Cody Simpson is Justin Bieber WannaBe or trying to copy Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber’s debut single was “One Time” and Cody Simpson single was “One” ;). Sound almost similar right?  However, he said on youtube that he wrote this song “One” about years ago.

Check out Cody Simpson single “One”.

For your information, Cody Simpson is another youtube sensation from Australia. His youtube account is @CodySimpsonMusic. He isn’t famous like JB (yet), may be soon. He said, “its hard not to be compared, as Justin Bieber is so good, but i’m only 12, so that’s good”.

More about Cody Simpson.

  • He was born on January 11, 1997.
  • His twitter account is @simpsoncody
  • His youtube account is @CodySimpsonMusic
  • He has a little sister named Alli (5) and brother named Tommy (11)
  • He has a dog

What do you think? Who’s better singer? Will you stop loving Justin and move on to Cody Simpson?

  • http://google.com regine duazo

    ok….i think i will go on to justin bieber if he will have a concert in the philippines.

  • http://justinbieberzone tatirod13

    Justin bieber rock!

  • http://yahoo.com Lyric


  • http://www.google.de/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=1&ved=0CAgQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.myspace.com%2Fcodysimpsonmusic&rct=j&q=cody+simpson&ei=nls-S7aiHJuImwPqjLjPBA&am Cody


  • asiana sanchez

    JUSTIN BIEBER ALL THE WAY !! I mean they sound exacly the same but justin is sooo much hoterrrrr.. Ill still listen 2 cody but I will never stop lovin JUSTIN =]

  • http://www.justinbiberzone.com katie leigh xxx

    justin biber is my number 1 fan but cody does sound like justin abit but it is justin i like more katie xoxoxo

  • haliii & taraaa

    justin bieber is waywayway hotter than cody simpson. codys a jockkker. & wanna be. justin bieber is sexyyy, cody is ugly. fjkhdsfkl. jus sayn’.

  • Miranda

    Cody Simpson…FOREVER
    I <3 YOU CODY!!!

  • Kloeii

    I Like Cody But….


    Justin Bieber For EVER <3

    • DestinyBelieber

      No it’s only Justin to me, Ok So To be Honest I don’t like Cody at all and Probly never ever will (Not trying to be mean) I Just don’t like his Music or his Look. Go Justin xD Love you Mucho Justin:DDD Xoxoxoxo ^~^ <3

  • Myshaaa

    C’est Justin Bieber lee Meilleur !
    I love Justin

  • Lalala

    Both of them ;)
    And cody don’t want to copy justin, they both like to sing. So what’s the problem?
    Allright, ‘one’ does sound like ‘one time’, but there are many songs with ‘one’ in it…
    I just love both of them <333333333

  • Laura

    Me encanta JUSTIN BIEBER!!!(L)
    Es guapisimo, tiene unas canciones superromanticas pero con un estilo muy guay!
    Soy su fan N.1!!!!!!!

  • Shalal

    Both of them

  • bethany

    I likes justin bieber personaly since i didnt find out about cody till today although cody is my age and justin will be 3 years older than me in march who nows ?

  • HopeLOVESCody.S

    Hmmm i dont no CODY iss amense i acually love him but i dont no if i will move to cody from justin because, justin is my friend lol but bothof them aree hot AND AMAZING VOICES!

  • NadieeeeeeeeeLovesJ.D.B

    omg i love Justin Beiber the most but i only heard of Cody Simpson today so….and he is the same age as me and Justin is 3yrs older than me but i dont care i still love justin he is amazing<3

  • BonBeliebs

    omg im 12 but a LOT of people mistake me for 14 anyways i’d seen cody b4 n heard him though he was great then i herad him now n now i dont really like him i <3 Justin Bieber

  • stacey Ox

    I like both.
    And i dont think cody is trying to copy justin he just wanted to pick that name for his song
    I didn’t listin to cody until to and i think that he is really really good
    cody is my age in justin is 3 years older than me
    cody is alot younger then justin so he mite get even better than justin

  • dream pianist

    I’m Justin Bieber all the waaaaay!!!!!!!!!! There’s no space for Cody Simpson!!!! :p

  • 1notlyingpine

    It would seem to me there maybe a lack in knowing what we want too do from one of them. I see confidence in bolth of them, but am really concerned for Cody. being “Famouse” just seems like somthing that probably is REALLY HARD for a 12 yr old to take… Best wishes 2 all

  • MissLoveellleeyyy


  • Becky

    Justin Beiber is the better singer but like Cody Simpson is like only 3 months older then me.

    I cant decide, but they are both HOT!

  • JustinBieberLover!!

    Heeeeyyy Cody!! u sing very well, but u never will catch justin!!
    he is sooooooo hot, soooo cute and he is like…mora famous than u
    SORRY!! :D

  • shelby


  • shelby

    justin if you are reading this i love you i am your number one fan i think you sing way better then cody!!!!

  • gracey

    justin you are a really great singer and sexy thats why every girl likes you even my big sis shelby we love you justin bieber

  • vjollca

    i love you so much justin bieber

  • Inês

    Cody has 13 and he is an awesome singer
    Justin has 16 and he’s awesome too
    I love them both… I can’t choose a fave…

  • RBieberFevverR

    Justiin is the best!!!!!!!!!! he’s hot and cute. i love him!!!! :) Cody’s single ”one” is pretty ok, but when he not sing in a studio version of a song then he doesn’t sing well, i mean does he only have one song.. haha canada vs australia which will u choose… my ”baby” star of course the hot canadian cutiie JUSTINBIEBERMONEYFEVVER4EVER <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  • Jbsucks

    Cody is better singer only why u like in is bc he’s cute and doped u into liking with all his love songs that he didn’t even write but Cody Simpson wrote 2 songs the ones that are on YouTube were his demos

    • DestinyBelieber

      Umm Hun Justin wrote a lot of songs by himself so Shut up.