Justin Bieber Ex Caitlin Beadles’s Boat Accident!

Many of you already know whos Caitlin Beadles. Right, she is Christian Beadles sister, and was Justin Bieber girfriend. Caitlin Beadles had a boat accident few weeks ago, and was hospitalized and had a surgery, but now she is back to her family.

See the video from Christian Beadles dedicated to his sister, above.

  • http://yahoo.com Lyric

    this is lyk SOOOO sweet!!!

    • mrs.badles

      poor beadles. i am glad she is alright. i love christains youtube videos

      • Kayla

        Caitlin isn’t alright. Obviously. She has Stomach Cancer!

  • Christal

    I feel so bad for cailtlyn. I love justin bieber with all my heart!!

  • Christal

    Christain and justin are so hot!

    • asdfghjklşişplokıjuhygtfrdsxcvbnmö

      i agree

  • hannybieber

    Please come to 8ndonesia i want to see you please come to indonesia!!

  • http://justinbieberzown renee


    • sophie

      You need to get your spelling right.

  • kelsey

    i feell so sorry for them but christian is WELL FIT YO CARNT GET ANY BODDY FITER THAN HIM he is the best in the world

    • lucy

      justin biber is mine now i hv legs lol =)

      • caitlin

        u r rude!!!! and he isn`t your he is is own !!!

      • sophie


      • Pearl

        caitlyn is beautiful and is ok and she does have two legs so u can shut your mouth

      • karen ann

        oh! justin in not yours ..

  • Stephanie

    i feel soo bad! but glad she is better! christan is soo cute! n that was soo sweet of u 2 make that video! i loved it soo much n thought it was awesome! it sure shows how much christan loves his sister! Caitlin, you are unbelievable and incredible! i love you soo much and you are so amazing and beautiful! u rock! :) lolglad you are better!!!!

  • Thalia

    I hope you get better Caitlyn

    • Lasie

      Poor Caitlin she was probably mad at Justin ending up being with Selena and I think that was the wrong person to be with now look what happen SMH.

  • Rhiona

    That looks sad i bet he cried.I hope the surgery wasnt bad! I hope you are feeling better.Your soo pretty!

  • tiffany

    lmfao yep okayy ..

  • Christian4life

    Catlin is sooo strong i hope shes alright, christian
    is soo cute n hot and very suportive for hi sis that video
    he made was really kind of him 2make and shows he luvs his
    sis very much :)

  • Christian4life

    Christian i love u loads and u jb

  • Kayle Clemons

    christian is such a sweet little dude…im glad caitalin is alright…i almost started crying when watching this video….ur very blessed caitalin…wish u guys the best….

  • Skylar

    HEY!!! I love Justin Bieber! Christian Beadles looks like a little boy! Justin has more man features. They are both better than many boys in my school! July 5,2010 I might get to see Justin Bieber! ♥

  • Beadlesholic

    Christian is so supportive of his sister!! ILY CHRISTIAN CAITLINA ND JUSTIN

  • ashely

    do you like me because i am 14 do you want to have a baby together because you is so fin

    • RaaquellBlahhDiiBlahh

      what the.. ? O_o

  • Amber

    Can i just say i will probably never meet you caitlin because i am english and i live in englan but i am your number 1 fan ILY CB xx

  • Amber

    Can i just say i will probably never meet you caitlin because i am english and i live in englan but i am your number 1 fan ILY CB xx i’m glad you were saved xxx

  • Amber

    woops i accidently sent the same one twice :/

  • albana

    ur so pretty caitlin and christian is so cute love them both and i love justin bieber too ..i hope u feel better caitlin ….:)

  • myah

    awww….. ur very pretty caitlin beadles! We will prays for you! I even told my family bout it and they prays for it!

  • lil suker

    i feel sooo sorry for her. she looked like a really nice person. and it looked like justin bieber was really happy with her. hope they get back together . ok bie

  • lizbeth perez

    i bearly found out today!i feel so bad for her i cried when i heard about it.

  • Kaitlyn Gomez

    I just heard about this yesterday and i felt so bad. in the videos i saw they just said hope she gets better soon and stuff like that and at first i thought that she had cancer or something like that. <(") <3 Lots Of Love <3

  • dakota

    oh my gosh so sad, justin bieber is awesome he was probably so sad when he found out what happened

  • dakota

    she looked really nice and sweet and then a boat accident how horrible

  • suzie

    when did this happen?

  • Alexis

    Suzie. It happened August 22 2009

  • Ashley

    i am so sorry justin! :( now i feel like crying i did not find out til 2day!!!!!

  • http://YouTube Claudia

    I feel relly bad I hope she gets better I pray every night