Funny: Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber as “Jersey Shore” Cast Member

Can you imagine what Photoshop can do? See the picture below closely, Do you recognize them? 😉

The ever-imaginative Photoshop geniuses at MTV headquarters whipped up their latest batch of we-wish-they-were-actually-real pictures, this time transforming Hollywood Crush favorite Taylor Swift into Poughkeepsie princess Snooki, crooner Justin Bieber into an ab-tastic (and slightly freaky).

Turns out, some celebs took a little more easily to their imagined Jersey makeovers. Justin, maybe you should stick to keeping your shirt on and your hair gel-less, at least until puberty wraps up. And Taylor, if you’re reading this, please host “Saturday Night Live” again soon and PRETTY PLEASE do a “Jersey Shore” skit. I don’t care if itll be old news at that point, I just really, really want to see you Jersey-ed out with orange skin and a too-tall Snooki-poof.

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