How to get on a date with Justin Bieber?

You might think its impossible to get on a date with Justin Bieber. Your friends might say “In your dreams” but knows what you need to do to win a date with Justin Bieber! Get ready girls, because this means guaranteed pics, autographs, hugs, a magazine spread, and TONS of time with Justin on your date. You might get a kiss if you’re lucky.

What to do to get on date with Justin Bieber? All you have to do is pick up the March or April 10 issue of Popstar! magazine which is (on sale February 16th) for your chance to go out on a date with Justin. You can also check for further details at Who knows, if you’re lucky, you might win this and become Justin Bieber’s girl.

  1. airel
  2. Iris
  3. kionia cole
  4. Katie
  5. jakie
  6. karla
  7. Kassy
  8. didi
    • naina
  9. kassy
    • Patience
  10. Jazzmarie
    • Katie
      • Patience
  11. shamya
  12. kelsie
  13. yosimi
  14. janinealisoncute
  15. ashantae
  16. ashantae
  17. brittany
    • Justin Drew Bieber
      • biebergirl
      • biebergirl
      • sarah
      • biebergirl
  19. P3yton&K@ylee
  20. Zoe Goode
  21. alyssia
    • biebergirl
  22. Taylor
  23. Talitha
    • biebergirl
  24. peanut
    • molly-jo
  25. sugarbuzz
  26. denver
  27. nge
    • biebergirl
    • hannah
  28. brunalovesjustinbeebz
    • biebergirl
  29. lizzie
  30. Beth
    • biebergirl
      • Emily

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