Justin Bieber Real Cell Phone Private Number?


Many Justin Bieber fans were asking in the chat Room for Justin Bieber’s private cell phone number. Girls… are you insane? Justin Bieber will not give out his private number to public. As you already know Justin has zillions of fans. Can you imagine if he gives out his private number, how many fans gonna call him? YES, Millions! That’s mean his phone will never stop ringing! Day and night! and will drop dead.

Justin Bieber does have phone number for his fans, but its a commercial number. He would leave voice messages on the phone, just to keep fans updated.

But be careful. There are so many sources on internet that claim they have Justin Bieber real phone number. If they give you, don’t trust them, those are scams. Please be aware of scams. Once you call them, you will get bunch of text messages that will ruin your monthly phone plan, and it costly.

Justin do not give out his real or private phone numbers. Its only for his friends, management, and family.

Btw, If you know Justin’s real phone number, please click and SHARE IT HERE 😉

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