Justin Bieber gets Angry and Mad at Crazy Fan

Even a sweet boy like Justin Bieber can get mad or angry.
Watch carefully at minute 00:07 . A fan pulled his hand at a concert. Eww… What do you think?

    • he looks soo mad poor justin i cant believe fans would grad him and not let go i love him and not even i would do that.

      ~justin biebers biggest fan~

  1. Doesn’t look like he was angry to me. Looks to me like some crazy fan wouldn’t let go of his sleeve and he was just trying to get off her so he could continue performing.

      • he is a famous singer that has the same emotions as we do. and there are a good portion of us that can reach a point of annoyance, he was more than likely having a bad day and didn’t feel like dealing with to much of the crowds crap.

  2. yea i agree with beth. and he totally shuld do that cuz the fan mite have pulled him into the audience and killed him or something. and also he is only 14 so he mite get mad easier than other famous people!

    • He turned 16 in March; not 14. Just sayin. and I know that, because I always said he was like 12-14, then I found out he’s older than me by a month. >.<

  3. He’s actually 15, but that’s still young to be fighting off screaming girls! Plus we don’t actually know what she did. For all we know, she was holding on so hard she might’ve dug her finger nails into his arm or something!

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  4. lol… poor Justin… Notice how the screaming girls got quiet after he threw the hands off him… LOL!!! I watched this video over and over and over again… still kills me

  5. I love Justin, he is so cute and I love his smile, I may seem like one of those crazy Waco fans I kinda am but not really
    If I met him I would be so chill!!! People in my classes think me and Justin would be a good couple!! Idk why they said that but…… Yep they come up to me randomly and say that! (:

  6. justin my sis loves and i do but she had back surgry last year andbaby if you sent her a letter i would be great her name i amber eggers

    • Dude, thats just cuz your overreactive. Imagine if people just started all grabbing at you. I bet you wouldnt like it either!

  7. wow it’s just something……. i’m so glad i’m not like them….. stupid fans……. Sorry i’m just really abset….. wow justin bieber one of the nices boy in the worl…… i don’t know if i be ok after that…. i think he was really scared what is ok….. thank u JB for stiil like us…..

  8. i kinda agree with harley and i kinda agree with anatasia
    if i am the fan i will feel like harley but if u think u as justin i kinda agree with anaastasia

  9. The thing is, its unfair to grab his arm and pull it. Thats not how it works at all, singers put their arms out for fans to touch them, not to grab them and get them annoyed. I’m a MASSIVE literally MASSIVE Justin Bieber fan, I love him to bits. And I don’t blame him for this, I’d do the same. He probably felt bad anyway. The girls must have felt gutted. But that must have been what 3-4 girls grabbing his arm? Stupid, ridiculous and unfair. No wonder he reacted like that, I think most people would. You just don’t do that! :)

  10. Iluv Justin Bieber so mucchhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!He is so cute and i would like him as my boyfriend but im only 10 fin to turn 11 April 30

  11. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! justin beiber is sooooooooo hot!!!!! my friend has 74 posters of him!

  12. OMG what is wrong with you people you are like ubsessed with him and he cant even sing he is a stupid retard and if you like him than you are too!!

  13. Goshhhhhh… u seen him at concert.. u get to touch hi hand.. sint dat enoguh.. no need 4 u to pulls him of the stage.. if u love him, why hurt him?

  14. give him a break! It is okay to touch his hand but to try to like grab and pull on him?! No way! No wonder he is mad!! Hate those stupid dumb asses who were hurting my furtue bf…

  15. Wow slower motion look at his bsolute ANGRY face. It’s not his fault he got angry… if he didnt get angry and pull away, he would have been pulled and he would have fell off stage and possibly get injured.

  16. i think jb is cute but i dont think he should be treated like dat coz it aint his fault he is famous….or maybie it is….all i am sayin is give da guy some space

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