Justin Bieber Ugly and Weird Pics

You all know JustinBieberZone.com always talk about how cute and hot Justin Bieber is.

We’re surprise that many Justin Bieber haters are still expecting to see Justin’s ugly pics on the internet. When we trying to google “justin bieber and usher”, Google give us result something like the image above.

If you see at the bottom of the result, you will see that some people are interested in finding Justin Bieber ugly pictures, and those people are haters. So, whats the point of this post? Well.. we’re going to FEED their hates. Lets bring it on!

Does he really look that ugly in this pic? come on, he is singing high note

Justin Bieber about to sneeze. Please.. We all look ugly when we are sneezing, don’t we?

Not sure about this one, Omg! this is totally ugly! lol

OK this should make the haters happy! 😉

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  8. kassandra garcia
  9. pritty girl
  10. Emma
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  12. Keira
  13. Emma
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  18. Who givs a crap
  19. mykena
  20. mrs.futurebieber
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