Tina and Justin Bieber Love Story: Episode 1

Tina and Justin Bieber Love Story: Episode 1
Author: Christina

Tinas -Point of View-:
I knew that Justin was coming back to town. Things spread fast these days, and some fans mustve caught wind of his planned return back home, and tweeted about it People must’ve saw those tweets, and gossiped about Justin coming back home.

I turned on the radio. Justins song was on, the song One Time. I sighed happily, and collapsed onto my bed.

Justin and I were best friends when we were little. We spent all our time together, we were tight. I hadnt spoken to him in a few years though; but boy did I miss him. I had developed a little crush on him when we were younger, and too be honest, when I started half-way stalking him as he became famous; I started thinking that he was pretty nice to look at too. I doubted that he remembered me; it had been a few years since we spoke, but it would be a nice thought if we could meet up again. He and I use to share a connection, and I believe that a connection like that cant possibly be broken.

The song was over, the radio DJ announced that the song was from Justin Bieber, Our small towns star. I turned the radio off, and went to sit at my laptop. I suddenly heard my mom call me from downstairs.

” Honey! You wont believe this, come downstairs. Someones here to see you.”

I didnt presume that the person was Justin. The thought that it could be him crossed my mind for a split second, but then I deleted that thought. It couldnt be true. As I made my way down the stairs, I looked at my mom. She motioned me towards the door. I almost fainted, my split second mind frame was right. It was Justin. I walked up to the door, speechless. I looked quickly to my mom for guidance, she had gone into the kitchen, and I was alone. And thinking I was losing it. Justin was the first to break the silence.

Justin- Hey. You remember me?

Tina- How—How could I forget?

Justin- We used to pretend we were Power Rangers when we were little
–Both people chuckle—

Tina- Yeah, I remember that.

Justin- I cant believe you still live here. I figured it was a long shot to come and see you, but it was worth a try. Im so glad youre here though.

Tina- Why are you so glad? Im not that special to you now-a-days. I mean, we havent spoken in forever.

Justin- What we had back then was special. I dont want to lose a friend like that; Im thinking we should hang out? I mean our relationships worth a try.

Tina- How long are you planning to stay here for?

Justin- A few weeks I want to catch up with my friends, and my old friends.

-Justin smiles-

Tina- We should plan our next meeting, so we can talk and stuff.

Justin- I have to go, but heres my number. Text me

-Justin hands Tina a piece of paper.-


The characters in this story are: Tina & Justin Bieber
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