JOnas Brothers and Justin Bieber finally Meet at Grammys 2010

Did Nick Jonas grow or what? Bieber looks so small in these pictures.

  • KTnaLuvsJB

    awww he’s sooo cute =) luv ya JBiebz!!!!

    • tamasha walker

      Woah!You guys actually met Justin Bieber?LIKE Woa!I really freaked out big time.Well small time.I was kidding that i said i freaked out big time.How do you guys just meet him?I thought you never knew him,and that you hated him when you never even met him!

  • http://justinbieber jess

    OMG justin bieber meets the joe bros my 4 fav people put 2gether it so awsome love u justin xxxxxxx

  • amy

    my two favee boyssss!! woaaah this is just amazinn! (:

  • alyssia

    omgg justin you so cute and perfect size

  • wow that pic is cute

    Hey i <3 ur smile on that pic so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JBfanjoanna

    joe looks so WIERD

  • super girl

    the jobros dont know how to pose…who gives a thumbs up for a pose

  • leah

    Justin looks so cute in a vest:)

  • antonela

    justin and joe jonas looks so cute in a best

  • icha

    hahahaha lol

  • crisitina

    hola justin te quiero

  • yessica

    k hermosa la foto de los guapisimos jonas y justin
    los amo pero perdon pero yop era muy fan
    de los jonas ahora de justin k padre pero ya no me gusta tanto los jonas desde k nick yzo zu disco como solista♥aun los amo pero no mas k a ♥JUSTIN♥

  • pamela

    hola bello como estas te amo

  • pamela

    te amooo justin cuando bienes a ca a trinidad
    de esparamo

  • Ayesha Mirza

    XoXo !!