Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas Kissing. Are they Dating?

pic source twitpic.com/149uts

Note: the pic above is real. No Editing.

Some of you may not know whos Jasmine Villegas. Well.. she is the girl in Justin Bieber video “BABY”. Did Jasmine win the ticket to be in the “BABY” video? NO, Jasmine is a model/singer, and she was chosen by Justin management to be in the video.

What about people who won the ticket to appear in Justin Bieber video? well.. the person who won the ticket had a chance to meet Justin Bieber and appears in the BABY video.

Do you see bunch of girls in the “Baby” video? yes, some of them are the winners.

Now, who is Jasmine Villegas. How dare Justin Bieber kiss Jasmine Villegas in the picture? lol.. calm down girls… This was what director wants, not Justin (well.. who knows), but they removed or cut the “french kissing” scene because its not too appropriate, as you know Justin Bieber is only 15 when the video was being made.

TMZ caught Justin Bieber kissing Jasmine Villegas in the Car.

Click here for more info about Justin Bieber kissing Jasmine Villegas in the car

More about Jasmine Villegas.
Jasmine Marie Villegas was born December 7, 1993 (one year older than Justin Bieber). She is an American teenage R&B and pop singer. Villegas is half Filipino and half Mexican.

Guest starring appearances

  • Disney’s “That’s So Raven” in which she was auditioning for the band.
  • Touchstone Pictures “My Wife and Kids” starring Damon Wayans
  • Recurring role on the ABC’s primetime show “The Nine”
  • Threat Matrix
  • Hillary Duff commercial which aired in Canada
  • and so on

Music video appearances

  • Kanye West’s music video “Jesus Walks” where she was featured helping a woman up the gate.
  • Frankie J.‘s “How To Deal”
  • Justin Bieber’s music video for “Baby”, where she plays his love interest.
  • and so on

So, Are Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas dating now? No, Justin clearly said that he is still single. But you never know. Do you think it’s possible that Jasmin and Justin going to date in the future?

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