Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas Kissing. Are they Dating?

pic source twitpic.com/149uts

Note: the pic above is real. No Editing.

Some of you may not know whos Jasmine Villegas. Well.. she is the girl in Justin Bieber video “BABY”. Did Jasmine win the ticket to be in the “BABY” video? NO, Jasmine is a model/singer, and she was chosen by Justin management to be in the video.

What about people who won the ticket to appear in Justin Bieber video? well.. the person who won the ticket had a chance to meet Justin Bieber and appears in the BABY video.

Do you see bunch of girls in the “Baby” video? yes, some of them are the winners.

Now, who is Jasmine Villegas. How dare Justin Bieber kiss Jasmine Villegas in the picture? lol.. calm down girls… This was what director wants, not Justin (well.. who knows), but they removed or cut the “french kissing” scene because its not too appropriate, as you know Justin Bieber is only 15 when the video was being made.

TMZ caught Justin Bieber kissing Jasmine Villegas in the Car.

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More about Jasmine Villegas.
Jasmine Marie Villegas was born December 7, 1993 (one year older than Justin Bieber). She is an American teenage R&B and pop singer. Villegas is half Filipino and half Mexican.

Guest starring appearances

  • Disney’s “That’s So Raven” in which she was auditioning for the band.
  • Touchstone Pictures “My Wife and Kids” starring Damon Wayans
  • Recurring role on the ABC’s primetime show “The Nine”
  • Threat Matrix
  • Hillary Duff commercial which aired in Canada
  • and so on

Music video appearances

  • Kanye West’s music video “Jesus Walks” where she was featured helping a woman up the gate.
  • Frankie J.‘s “How To Deal”
  • Justin Bieber’s music video for “Baby”, where she plays his love interest.
  • and so on

So, Are Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas dating now? No, Justin clearly said that he is still single. But you never know. Do you think it’s possible that Jasmin and Justin going to date in the future?

  • Katy

    Omg! so r they dating or not??

    • allitta

      no they are not real going out he is going out with selena gomez

      • Jasmine

        Yes actually they were dating that’s a fact it was just a secret at the time.

    • FazBieb

      He’s next album wil release on 2012 well i’m not sure just got the news from one of my friend who work in his studio…

  • MYbieber

    OMG. well it’s JUST THE DIRECTOR WANTS. not justin bieber :))

    • allitta

      thank you that is not justin bieber or jasmine villegas and jasmine villegas need to get out of justin bieier and selena gomez realiship

      • nicole

        yes i agree with you jasmine needs too get out there relationship

      • nicole

        well jamine really needs to get out selena gomez relationship cause then selena might think they are going out and may also think justin is cheating on her

  • kristianna b.

    If they arnt goin 2 put it in the vid y the hell did they even make them kiss?

    • Sophie Edwards

      Because.. They were originally going to put it in the video, but Justin Bieber was curious that if they put it in to the music video, it would cause jealousy with his fans and it would cause haterz.. So no, they are not dating, Justin was just doing it for the benefit of his fans, cause we are the best fans in the world:D x

      • allitta

        thank you because if he was going out with jasmine villegas i would not be his fan so if him and selena gomez did break up he need tto say sorry to her

    • nicole

      i know right tht is so stupid

    • nicole

      i know right

  • kbb

    im with @kristianna b. !!! they dont had to kiss if its obvious they wont put it on video!!!

  • nge

    why didn’t u put it in the vdo??????????? wtf is this? justin kissing another girl 4 nothing ? or another reason?
    i m gonna kill the director if i see him (kiddin)LOL
    This is making me jealous (sry 4 tat).
    i agree if they r goin out or they lik each other. but if the direct wants it he should b puting it in the vdo ,not 4 nth!

    • justin bieber

      i love you gyes all especilly my gurl friend selena gomez

  • maddy

    justin dose want to date her you can tell in baby behind the seens.

    • allitta

      no he do not like jasmine villegas so stop talking about it ok because if you do not know what you talking about do not say nothing

  • nge

    but then i did love the “baby” vdo ! lol

  • princess

    oh my GOD!
    is this a photoshop or the real thing…???

    • Sophie Edwards

      its real:) x

      • lauren haditono

        i hate jasmine villegas

      • allitta

        no it is not ok he is going out with selena gomez so if you do not know what you talking about do not say nothing at all

    • allitta

      no so do not even belive it ok he is going out with selena gomez

    • nicole


  • Taylor

    U guys dont get it! If u saw the behind the scenes thing, then you would know how many things they didn’t put in!!! The director probably thought he was going to put it in until he saw how it didnt fully go with the rest of the vid and the song “BABY”… jeeze!

    • mystery girl

      jasmine villegas is a loser and dork ! i hate her ! f**k you jasmine villegas !

      • Kidrauhl Lover


  • Jadey girl

    If they really r dating then I haph for them going out. Cuz he finally found the girl he was waitin 4. Well he wasn’t waiting 4 her but he at least found love. So Justin if u read this I want to let u know I happy 4 u.

    • paulynnn may

      JUSTIn i realy realy like you im your number one fanz in the world bec. you are handsome ****_i love you justin bieber****and godbless im broken bec. jasmine villegas she kiss her ,,,, iiii lllooovvveee yyyooouuu jjjuuussstttiiinnn bbbiiieeebbbeer

  • kimberly

    ,,oh.. jasmine.. is half filipin0..and half mexican..00hh.. im a filipina.. and i am pr0ud of jasmine.. c0z.. she saw justin bieber in pers0nal.. and n0t only that.. she kiss justin..h000.. h0w lucky!!..hahah

  • celina

    how sweet as that pic… ‘coz im a filipina girl too.. and hope you’ll have an effort to reply all my messages to you…


    LOVE and KISSES,
    ♥ celina ♥

    • nicole

      oh no im really jealious justin kissed jasmine

  • Joanna

    They seem really into each other



    • Aniah

      You so mean. They look good together. Girl, dont you mess with their love. You sometimes people actually listen too their fans. DONT DO THAT LADY!!!

      • nicole

        thy do not make a good couple but selena and justin make a good coupe aight so don not comfuse themm too selena

  • Matea

    You are the best…Jasmine….<3 love you Baby…..
    Justin…you are my idol…..<3 <3 <3

  • cee

    oiii justin needs his own love life…
    and he knows who is perfect…..
    we all like him but there is only one gal
    for him….(im a gal as well)

    play it self justin
    we all love you

  • Learik

    I dont wanna be a mean. But from what i hear Jasmine is a bitch and shes very Cocky. Im not racist or anything. but justin and her Dont Look good together… Shes not ugly but shes not pretty either. godd Justin seriously? If you keep kissing every pretty girl that comes your way your going to get aids…….God i hope you do. ill laugh.

  • Aryana and Theresa

    oh no she didn`t justin bieber is way out of her leauge and deserves some one better like us not anyone else….

  • natz

    she is so lucky to be dating justin bieber! i totallly envy her!

  • barbaraaaa

    omgggg im soooo jealous of herrrr i love u justin<3!!!!!

  • tatirod13


  • bieber wife karla

    if justin was my man then i will slap he but it for the video and im so happy that they dont put the in video all girl will yell and call her names i dont care i like her music i love justin so who care all the girls in the world are not dating justin

  • bieber wife karla

    oh and one more thing if it was me i will enjoy the kiss with justin girl

  • Iluvjustinbieber!!!!!

    Im so happy for him.Jazmin is sooooo lucky!I wish I was her!!!I hope they start going out so then he can have his “Baby”!!! :D

  • kristianna b.

    Whteva im Justins *~BABY~*!! :)

  • Taylor

    I looked Jasmine Villegas up… shes an amazing singer! I really like her song “I Own This”!!! =)

  • rachel

    peeps it’s wat da vid people wanted not him(might not).get dat kk! :)

  • Taylor

    i hope he wont be dating her in da future i would be sooo mad i would not listen to his songs no more :(

  • eMo+RITZZ

    yuck!!! your so disguisting!! eeeewww! fuck..

  • nadia

    i really don’t care…like it upsets me but if i was her i would love to kiss him!! if he liked it thats on him like its like if you were Jasmine Villegas nd you kissed him you would not be talking all this stuff cuz you would love it unless you hate justin but idk…she is really pretty nd talented if she was to date him its a cute couple or at least that is what i think when i first seen this pic i got mad but i was thinking what if i was her….???? i would feel so happy soo yeah thats all i have to say so yeahhh…..still love you justin byeee