Justin Bieber on American Idol Star Larry Platt’s ‘Pants On The Ground’

During the “We Are the World” press conference Monday night, there were a couple moments were the celebrities involved let loose and had a little fun. One of these choice moments came at the end of the interview with Justin Bieber and Randy Jackson, thanks to the biggest “American Idol” phenomenon of 2010 — Larry Platt’s “Pants on the Ground.”

” ‘Pants on the Ground’ can’t win!” Jackson joked to reporters when asked who would be triumphant on the show this season. “I love him though! We love him! He’s cool. General Larry Platt is cool!”

The real gold came when Justin decided to chime in on Larry Platt’s amazingness. “That guy was awesome!” he said. “Is he even a general?”

Randy then schooled the young pop star in all things Platt. “He’s a real general, dude,” Jackson offered. “And guess what? He also walked and marched with Martin Luther King. This guy’s the real deal. He’s the real deal. We love him.”

So what is the one thing that the Bieber learned from Larry Platt? The answer, it seems, is simple. “He’s taught me I now wear a belt,” he joked.

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