Rihanna and Bieber at Super Bowl Concert, Miami (Photos)

The 44th Superbowl in history will take place Sunday night in Miami. Rihanna, Justin Bieber and a galaxy of stars opened thursday night in Miami’s Super Bowl festivities in 2010, the final football championship, the event’s most-watched sport in the United States. Followed by an average 100 million viewers in the U.S., oppose the finals this year the team Indianapolis Colts to the Saints in New Orleans.

At 48 hours of the greatest television rendezvous of the year overseas, the excitement is raised a notch with the concert promo Pepsi offered each year.

Thursday evening, the scene of the very Pepsi Superbowl Commercial Fan Jam 2010 invited Rihanna, Timbaland and Justin Bieber, the new pop sensation of the American who made girls scream with her hit Baby. Rihanna has scored the spirits with a black body and white admire at leisure leaving half of his body laid bare …
Rihanna sings a medley of his hits for the pre-concert Superbowl:

Rihanna! makes an appearance the beautiful singer dons her best dress and dark red carpet closest, even if it is to extol the merits of any phone portable television or other soft drink.

Yesterday evening, the sparkling Rihanna visited the night Pepsi Refresh Project as part of the Superbowl in Miami, where she found Joel Madden, the companion Nicole Richie, to be amused and above all to prove once again that his misadventures last year are far behind her!

Beautiful as a heart in a strapless turquoise dress, the young tattooed, in any case quickly recovered from her fatigue after his incredible performance for the evening’s Superbowl … It must be a secret. Or a magic potion … Ah, but of course! The Pepsi!


  • Emily

    I love you so much justin.

  • silvia

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  • jackie perez

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  • jackie perez

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  • jackie perez

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  • Gabriela Mendoza

    I seen your picture and you look so hot Justin Bieber

  • Jackie Perez

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  • Jackie Perez

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  • kiwi lol

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