Tina and Justin Bieber Love Story: Episode 4

Tinas Point of View

I still couldn’t believe the events of yesterday, not even after a good nights rest. I sighed, and looked over at my alarm clock; it was 11:00 am. I figured it was time to get up. I dragged myself out of bed, and to the bathroom. The rest of the morning was basically spent in a daze. I cant even recall much of it. I remember that I spent a good portion of the morning getting ready to see Justin, and I remember Mom made me eat my breakfast, toast. I had been too nervous to eat, but my mother forced me. Which, I guess is a good thing If I had gone to the party on an empty stomach, I wouldve probably vomited all over Justins lap.

I had texted Justin my number the night before, right before I went to bed. I went and sat on the windowsill to see if he replied back, he did. His reply was: Alright, youre in my contacts, Ill text you tomorrow I should be at your house around 2.

I checked the time, it was 1:30. I looked down at my phone, I had gotten another text. “Ah, cancel the 2. Im heading over now. Ill be there in 5 minutes. ” I smiled at the text.

“Mom, Justins coming to get me in five minutes!” I yelled, my voice cracking a bit.

Mom came out of the kitchen. “Have fun I know how much this means to you, so I wont give you the awkward Mom-to-Daughter chat that we normally have when you go out with male friends.” Mom smiled.

” Ha, thanks.” I said, not really paying attention. I was starring out the window, waiting for Justin.

Justins Point of View
I was very nervous about the party. It wasnt because of the fact that I only knew two people who were going to be there, it also wasnt the fact that some people might how-do-you-say stalk me at the party, but it was the fact that I was bringing the girl whove Ive been dying to meet again for the past few years there. The morning of the party, I woke up later than I had hoped I would. So, I was basically rushing to get out the door, to pick Tina up. The thing is I still wanted to look half-decent. So, I spent about ten minutes trying to pick out my clothes. I decided on a simple black t-shirt, and some blue jeans. It didnt look like I tried too hard to pick out my clothes, but I looked decent. Thats what I was aiming for. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a bagel. Nobody else in the house was up yet, so I wrote a note telling them that I had gone to the party, and would call them later. I exited the house, and headed over to Tina’s, finishing the bagel along the way.

Tinas Point of View

I saw Justin walking down my driveway.

After a “Hes here Mom!” And a “Got to go! I’ll call you later!” I opened the door, and was out.

” Woah, you didnt even let me ring the door bell.” Justin said, smiling. “Uh, so Im guessing youre ready?”

“Im more than ready.” I said, smiling back. “Good. Now Im thinking if we walk down on Bells street well be able to make quicker ti…”

I stopped Justin mid in his sentence. “Woah, we’re walking to the party?”

“Yeah, we are. I mean, we’re both too young to drive and, I figured that itd be nice to just have a walk with you. I think it beats having one of our parents drive us.”


Justin continued to explain the directions, I agreed with him, and off we went.

—While Walkingβ€”

Justin- Well, I dont see any screaming fan girls. Coast is clear.

Tina- I think I should be considered a fan girl. Im like, your biggest fan.

Justin- Yeah, a fan who I knew before I became famous. Youre special.

Tina- (blushes) Thanks.

Justin- (Runs his hand through his hair) Uh, so… Excited about the party?

Tina- Yes, nervous though.

Justin- Why’s that?

Tina- Well, like you, Im probably not going to know much people there.

Justin- What high school do you go to?

Tina- Ontario Heights

Justin- Most of the people there are from that school, youre in luck.

Tina- I doubt any of my friends from school will be there, theyre not much of the party animal type.

Justin- You dont seem like a party animal type either.

Tina- Im not.

Justin- Well, Im not either. If you hadnt accepted going to the party, I wouldnt be going.

Tina- Why?

Justin- I guess Im just using the party as a chance to spend time with you.

Tina- Then, I guess since we both arent really keen on going to the party, we don’t have to.

Justin- (stops walking) You know what, thats a pretty decent idea. We can just spend the day together, minus the partying teenagers!

Tina – (also stops) Alright. What should we do?

Justin- I was thinking we should continue walking, maybe we can take one of those walking trails down in Bates Park. Its not far from here, and its private. We can talk more, catch up on things.

Tina- Sounds like a plan, lets go.


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