JB Fan, April Bieber Phann Died in Accident!

April Bieber. Who is she?

Her real name is April Phann. She was a sophomore at Lakota East High School in Ohio and a huge fan of Justin Bieber. She had been excitedly planning to attend his concert in Cincinnati this June. However, her life was cut tragically short on March 29 after being struck by a school bus while attempting to cross the street in front of her home, the Dayton Daily News reports. Phann, who was just a few days shy of her 16th birthday, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Phann, who tweeted often about Bieber under the name bieberdollbabe, wrote several messages to the singer in the days before her death. “Wow I just heard your the king of twitter.. nice =] amazing,” she wrote. “#IsItJustMe or is Justin Bieber getting more adorable each day?” she added in another tweet. Now, Bieber fans have united online to urge the pop singer write a song about Phann.

Bieber fans started an online petition early Tuesday. “A terrible thing has happened, a true fan of our Bieber family, April Phann (@bieberdollbabe) was tragically killed in a bus accident. She was about to turn 16, and her one and only wish was to go to one of Justin’s concert. But now, that dream will never come true. So, I created the petition, to make a difference,” the petition begins.

“Let’s let April sit happy in heaven, and get JUSTIN BIEBER to write/dedicate a song to her. Sometimes we wonder why awful things like this happen, and there’s never an answer, but its up to us to do something about it. So please sign it, and make this happen! Do it for April, a true belieber, who had one dream that’ll never happen,” the petition concludes.

Bieber commented publicly on Twitter saying, “Life is a blessing and appreciation for our time here with each other is important. #ripaprilbieber.”

An autopsy is scheduled for this morning. Police say she appeared to have died of head trauma. Family members built a memorial with lit candles at the end of their driveway, which grew throughout the day.

RIP April Phann!


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