Justin Bieber on Oprah SHOW

Months ago Oprah Winfrey announced she will end her show by the end of the year 2011. If that really gonna happen, oh well… that’s too bad.

Justin is very talented singer, and he deserves to be on Oprah Show. Don’t you think?

Unlike other celebrities in Hollywood, Justin was chosen by fans, not giant-company like DisneyChannel that produces lot of famous celebs.

Now, what we do to bring him on Oprah Show? As Beliebers, here is little thing you can do, visit petitionspot.com by clicking here and sign petition for Justin.

Thank you!

18 thoughts on “Justin Bieber on Oprah SHOW

  1. Krizzle

    I think JB sould go on with Oprah b cause Justin is so hott I reallly want him to go on.

    I really want to go to the kids choice awards

  2. katelynn

    justin u got a pretty smile good luck getting on opra i hope you do then i can see you more love u sexy thang

  3. Tory

    ya it would be awesome to have justin bieber on oprah but he doesnt have issues! or at least i hope not lol

  4. Jdbieberonoprah

    Make sure to sign OUR PETITION to bring JUSTIN BIEBER ON OPRAH ! http://301.to/7bn :)

    And if you have Twitter … FOLLOW US! @JDBieberonOPRAH & help us make #JustinBieberonOPRAH trending thankss!

  5. justin bieber #1 fan

    justin bieber you are great every girl at my school loves your music some are crazy about you and others who like your music but aren’t that crazy about you, i am of course one of the girls who are crazy about you i would love you to come to our school!!!!!!!!!! :)

    1. JB and CB luvr!!

      uh just lettn u no that 1st he can only go to ur skewl if he noes tha name! and JB i luv u sooooo much! im goin to one of ur concerts and i MITE get backstage passes! c u there!

  6. tahany

    justin you are awesome and i can not say anything more than i love you couse ther isnot any words that can describe it and i hope you come see my facebook page my email is tahany_magdy @yahoo.com there you will find all sorts of jb from your songs to your sopports and i live in cairo egypt so i hope you could come visit us there to make a concert love you jb


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