LIVE Chat with Real Justin Bieber on Myspace 3/18/2010

You all have been asking when are we gonna be having live chat with the real Justin Bieber. I know, JB has been very busy these days. Well..the good news is, MySpace will host a live chat with Justin on Thursday March 18, 2010. @ 12:30 pm Eastern time and 9:30am Pacific Time.

If you live in California (West Coast), you have to be online around 9:30 am (morning)
If you live in New York, Maryland (East Coast), you have to be online around 12:30 pm (noon)
If you live in ASIA (Philiphines, Indonesia, etc), you have to be online around 12:30 (midnight)
If you live in EUROPE (UK, Ireland, etc), Its gonna be late afternoon or evening (not sure).

Still confuse? please check
If you still don’t know, you might ask your Mommy or daddy, they know this stuff!

After you set the date and time, visit
So Are you gonna be online and talk to the real Justin Bieber?

  • alex

    well i dnt have a myspace…:( justin email me at alexloveshorses16@yahoo. please and thx or follow me on twitter (alexandra ann)

    • Irene x

      i love you justin beber i rilly want to meay you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • saraday

        call me at 8642237694

      • Laquinda

        Why are u so gooooooy about him? you can chat with him on facebook dummy!!! and lots more so its just as good u see him when u chat with him on facebook just look thru his hot pics…and dont worry im also a huge fan of justin bieber but i dont freek out when i see or chat whith him DUFES!!!

      • breoni

        hi justin bieber

      • mackenzee

        CALL ME AT 606-219-0699

      • sonjo

        me 2

      • audriana

        I love and miss him but to bad im only 10.

      • kasha

        me too

      • Haamilee


      • Dallul

        hey justin bieber i love you so murch you are cute and handsome man i talk to

      • shelbie

        im a big fan justin bieber

    • angelina

      you i dont follow you

      • Camereon

        NOBODY IN MY CLASS LIKES YOU! is selana gomez still your girlfriend because if she is not then in am gona date her.

      • sonjo

        plz plz reaply

      • Haamilee

        Who are you talking about !

      • sariyah

        hey justin bieber im your biggest fan i listen to never say never and that black boy that was singing with you in never say never he from karate kid and i was sad when he got bullyed but love u and him. biggest fan sariyah peace kiss kiss

      • cvfd

        rdrgdttdththtgfhtgdhgdgh have a nice day

    • Robbie

      Yea this is Justin your stupid

      • lucy

        hiya justine u rock baby i have all ur albums on my ipod and cd!!! i love uxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • billie

        Your not justin and justin bieber is not stupid I LOVE HIM XXX


      tO jUSTIN

      • justin beiber


      • chloe

        i love you justin bieber can i go on a date with you

      • Dani

        How old r u. And hey justin plz ring me on 01543 677709

      • Dani

        Plz ring me justin on 01543 677709

      • michelle

        bye dumb head

      • normal girl

        luv justen count me in

      • hailey

        he’s like 20 and ur like 10 and btw I am 19

    • faith

      hi i love your songs it amazing i love this song baby song and i am 7 years old by the way i love u justin

      • faith

        why are you not answering me i am 7 years old but i still love your songs i love you so much

      • sarah

        hey im ten only 3 yrs older than you

      • justin beiber


      • Haamilee

        Can I have your number please ! xoxoxoxo !

      • Dani

        Hi justin I love u very very very much

      • keaarah


    • rachel

      okk luv u so much

      • Brodyl

        Hey justin bieber how are you

      • shayla

        JustinBieber I like songs because it makes me feel sad, happy, and nervous to sing , love you though call me at 850-567-5377

      • Haamilee

        Hi Justin I am such a BIG fan !


    • jamima

      okay why u like him so much
      i like him tooooooooo

      • Haamilee

        Hears my number 757-3919 ! xoxoxoxoxoxo

      • billie

        I like him so much coz hes gorgeous and i love himmm love you justin if you read this i love you xxxxxx

    • Amarie

      hey justin

    • jessica bell

      hey nice job

      • Haamilee

        Are you going to talk to me Justin ! I think your sexy ! I like your wener !

    • ty

      Hi justin email me at pls I am like ur number 1 fan and I have LOVED u for a long time now I would really care if u would email me pls x thnx

    • Haamilee

      I don”t what your talking about ! bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff !



    • juliet

      hi i love you justin i am your girl friend send me a message
      love juliet

  • becky

    omg i love you and your music i hope one day to met you and add me on youtube tessandbecky and twitter jbgirl888 thanks love ya bye

    • Brooklyn

      Me Too He is so hot especially with his shirt off

      • Rach

        aha, i know ayee. ? :)

      • naomi

        hi justin im a massive fan of yours and i love you me and my friends were aged 10-11 could you email me i love to meet you xx

  • Noor

    i havent got mySpacee LMAOO x

    • ruth

      Hi justin beiber. i love you .AGE 10

      • Chyna

        Wat is JustinBieber’s Email Address

      • arun

        hiiiiiiiiii this is arun

      • josetta

        justin what your phone number

      • jazmine bieber

        dont forget i know him he is my borther

      • sophia

        justin bieber is so cute and he has so much talent he is the asames singer ever i really want to meet him he is the cutest boy in the whole in tire world and i will meet him someday when i have a lot of money and i go to won of his concerts and i will be his one less lonley girl

    • emily

      I love him and i want to meet him but my friend has how awsome hes so fit i’snt he right no im playing his songs loud Bye xxx

      • lamaiah

        hello i hate because jb is mine

    • katie

      hi ilove you so much justin beber

      • Katie

        I love Justin Bieber he is so hot! And i wishh he didnt marry selena gomez.*.* I wouldv’e married him:P

    • so yall dont care for what yall got

      so yall dont care for what yall got

    • ria


    • Darzie

      mee neather lol ahahahha xoxooxoxox

    • maddie rimmer

      Jazmine what is his full #? we are his biggest fans.tell him to call me # 405-999-6884

  • hyatt

    dear justin bieber,
    i love music soooo much.i cant wait till sunday for your consert my best friend in the whole intire world kelby is going with are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo talented and amaising.when ever i here your music i sing sooooo loud that my mom tells me to quiet ring tone on my cell phone is baby that is my faviort song ever but trust me i still LOVE all your other other friend bree wanted to go to your consert but i had already invited kelby.i cant belive i am going to your consert.when ever i heard that u would be prwforming i told my dad if i dont get to see you i will die.well i love your music and you sooooooooooooooo much bi see you on sunday at your consert.

    love your future girl friend,hyatt hogan

    • breonna

      hi i love you so much jb

      • AMANI


    • justin beiber

      hi see you sunday blows a kiss bye

      • sharjeel rajput


      • Haamilee

        Call me at 796-3571 sexy !

      • Dani

        Hi justin plz ring me on 01543 677709

      • Dani

        Hi justin love u can’t stop thinking about plz email at or ring me on p01543 677709 thx justin

        Lots of love from Daniella Widdowson blows kisses to justin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • Keke

        Hey justin can I please have it number please

      • amber ramsey

        hey justin what is ur phone number

  • hyatt

    dear justin bieber,
    i love music soooo much.i cant wait till sunday for your consert my best friend in the whole intire world kelby is going with are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo talented and amaising.when ever i here your music i sing sooooo loud that my mom tells me to quiet ring tone on my cell phone is baby that is my faviort song ever but trust me i still LOVE all your other other friend bree wanted to go to your consert but i had already invited kelby.i cant belive i am going to your consert.when ever i heard that u would be prwforming i told my dad if i dont get to see you i will die.well i love your music and you sooooooooooooooo much bi see you on sunday at your consert.

    love the girl you will see at your consert,hyatt hogan

    • ajainay

      you are so right.

    • rebekah

      girl i cant tel u hw rite u r !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • kendra


    • breonna

      hi jb i love you so muck<3

      • ria

        hi justin i love you so much a lot

      • makayla

        hi jb ilove u and my mamaw and mom does to why does my mamaw love u cause what u did for that little girl that was dying of cancer u are so nice i like u now i need ur number and back stage passes live in tazwell tn please type me back please i am beggin u i am 7 years old

  • Kelby

    Dear Justin Bieber ,
    I can’t wait for Sunday , because I’m going to your consert !!! I’m an averidge girl in Lumberton . I love music . Aspecialy your music . I play the piano , I play all guitars , and sing . Your lyrics speak to me and I do think your cute . I love the beet . My two favorite artists are you and Michael Jackson . I love the name Jerimah and Pattie . I love spaghetti . I’m a dog lover . I love to laugh . I’m a cheerleader at a cheer gym call “Cheer Town USA” .I hate braking peoples’ harts .I’m a strait A student,and I’m a sucker for brown ,blue , and green eyes but mostly brown . I think when love comes around it stays around . One of my favorite songs is B.O.B ,Beautyful Girls . I’m sorry I’m talking about me so much . Please reply back .
    Love Alway ,

    • JUVHEE


      • laura

        i love u justin have u got a web cam because i want to see u

      • snooki

        hey i love u so much i have the calender i made 1 tee of u ten of sheirts and on your birthday i held a sign that says justin bieber! but somewon xt it out

    • Justin Drew Bieber

      Thanks for supporting me i love all my fans you guys rock!!! XO ♪Justin Bieber♪

      • Trixie


        ~JB’Z GURL ALWAYZ~

      • LACIA


      • erika morales

        hi justin luv u and have a doll and i made a poster collection of u so wen is ur concerts and phone number mines is 6262411536 im on youtube snooki420 u can go on

      • staci

        hey justin we love u i wish we can see u in person some time maybe at ur concer i hope i can get back stage passes but i don’t know how :(

      • carolyn

        hey justin i am a big fan always have been allways will be i love u keep singing cus all my friends love u too i wish i could see u in a consert but my familys says we cant cus we poor so maybe one day i will see ya at a store in georgia haha i hope so i hope to be like u one day but ah i am not that great at singing so i will probly stick with helping animals learn how to live on there own haha love, carolyn nelson

      • keesha

        i wish i could see u!

      • ajainay

        do you have fun doing this and I can’t belive this I’m chating with you.

      • zara!

        omg i luv u justin bieber i wish i could see u! i love u loads so much seriosuly im in love with u and im only kid lol! i will alsway suport u! i went to ure concert in london (uk) LOVE U SO MUCH!! <3

      • Myasia Renee Bradshaw

        Justin, your the best. i hope that you will have a great time in concert now in 2011. i love u. ps i know all the stuff that people said wasn’t true. i know that you are a great kid. I guess its just that their jealous. Ive been a fan since your first video. i know alot of things about u. i have Bieber fever. i could prove it. your favorite color is either baby blue or purple, you are most scared of spiders, you fractured your right foot,u and selena used to date, your middle name is drew, and that im your biggest fan. mostly these things are like me. i wish i could see you in concert. im 10. can we be friends.

      • Irene x

        i will find you love irene i cant wate to meat

      • MS.selena

        u are welcome

      • Chyna

        Is this really JustinBieber

      • connor watson

        hi justin bieber im a belieber to although im a boy how du i contact u or talk to u

      • skyla

        Hay JB hay justin i love your music u r a awesome singer and have a great voice you r my 1 firzt best singer in the world on my list and you are just such a kind cool awesome person and i hope you dont think i am wierd 4 saying this but you r so hot and cute oh and loOoooooooove your hair you r awesome and just wanted to say hala and tell what a great person you from skyla and best fwend jade we love and jade is planning on becoming ur wife so she asked if you could leave some place open for her maybe so bye from skyla + jade in south africa we wish you the best of luck with your singing career and we are your biggest fans i mean no 1 is more obbsesed with more than us so yeah and we love you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo times that by 1 million oh and jade says that we should tell you that we live in sa i tried to tell her that you will never come and visit to random girls in another continent because you on tour but we love and i think i should stop talking right now cause it might take you a while to read this message but we just wanted 2 say hala and we love you mwah mwah mwah mwah bye

      • morgan

        dear justin bieber you are really cool love your music so much i would love it if you meet me at my house

      • Alison Morris

        Hi Justin. My name is Alison and i am a huge fan. Give me a shoutout on this page. I have looked up to you for two years. You are an inspiration to me. I would really love to meet you in person, but my friends keep telling me to seperate fantasy from reality. It makes me sad that they tease me this way, but whenever i hear your music, i cheer up again. My favourite song is That Should Be Me, even though it makes me cry. I just wanted to let you know that i will support you in whatever you do and i love you to pieces. You have given me a chance to want to inspire others in the same way that you inspired me and for that, i thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope that you can reply to this as i would love to hear from you. Your biggest fan,Alison x x x

      • sexy tena

        i like totally love justin beiber he and i were born on the same date and same year.i am like one of your biggest fan,love you honey and i will be at your concert

      • emily

        i love JB

      • shalyn bentz

        UR WELCOME

      • Madara

        Hi Justin I’m from Latvia..Please can you come to us with your show? I will wait your reply. I have 18 years.:)

      • Phillip Young

        sup no prob man

      • mercedez

        i want to met justin so so so so so bad it was my b day nov. 29 and i asked my dad wat i wanted and i said justin bieber tickist and he said no and i started to cry cuzz i really wanted to met justin bieber my hole life i love u justin bieber

      • angelina

        hi i just want a ticket to see you sing that is my birthday wish and if you can not make that happen that is fine i just try some time another birthday but please try

      • emily judkins

        hey justin whats sup i know im colme and nice and plz reply but im also good at danceing and im a basketball coach and i was going to see if you would think im ? im just askin if you would come over andplay basketball some timeand heres my number 8178756379 and if you do chat with me on face book ,sincerly you futur girlfriend

      • JBluver

        OMBBB I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • malerie

        dear justin
        i love you justin bieber

      • avakelly

        i love u omg <3

      • jazmin fessenden

        I love you justin bieber and i wanted to know if you and selena gomez broke up.I also wanted to know if you and selena gomez are coming to Montreal,Quebec.

      • savanna

        is this really justin bieber

      • breoni

        i love you justin bieber

      • sophie bird

        hey Justin bieber its sophie

        I Really want to meet you Justin bieber and that`s my hole life thay well be loucky for me cool I love you so much

        love from sophie

        I love you Justin bieber
        so much xoxoxox

      • kasia

        i love you i am the biggest fan in the whole world and please email me back my email is i love you a lot and please email me and i went on your chatbot thing and it did not make sence

      • carla

        love u justin

      • chantal

        you are hot and i ove you justin bieber i like your muic and i have all your steff i my room

      • sarah jb fan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        omg justin cani please have your skype i promise i wont share it

      • evchen14

        hey! Justin Drew Bieber i love you so much,you are my superstar
        I Love You <3<3<3<3

      • Malaika Sequeira

        Hey JB can we become friends.

      • alex gronewold

        Justin my class hates you and im scared to tell theme that I love becuse they said whoever likes justin biber is a baby. if u want to call me call me at (1815)993-2588 or (1815)993-2615

      • Marlena

        I love you bieber

      • sophia

        justin bieber we will always support you and we will never break your heart because all of the girls that like you will never break your hart justin we all love your singing your talent and how you look you the greatest singer i ever heard you are like jesus soldier justin you are the cutest also andi hope i meet you someday


      • katie xxx

        r y really Justin Bieber ???? xxxx

      • kyla

        justin hello my name is Kyla i love u and yesterday i cryed

      • lindababe


      • jamima

        u are hot and sexy

      • shelly

        i love u so much justin bieber call me at 832 388 9308

        love ur biggest number one fan shelly :)


      • shelly

        i love so much justin bieber call me at 832 388 9308


      • christy

        saw you in calgary oct 12 2012 i heard you lip sing that night is that true

      • kiara

        hi justin i want to see u in real life

      • Grace

        Hi Justin I love u!!!!

      • Grace

        I will always support u Justin!

      • maddie rimmer

        it would make my day/entire life if u txted me my # is 405-999-6884.My sisters and i will b at ur concert on july2,2013 7th row on the flor

      • bernadette


      • felicia

        hi justin beiber im your number 1 fan! i love your music! p.s. im 8 years old lovee youuuuuuuu

      • sharjeel rajput


      • Haamilee

        Hi Justin beaver I think your sexy ! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo !

      • I_luv_JB

        Is it really you or is this a dumb freakin prank

    • JustinBieber#1Fan

      you are so lucky have fun!

      • Madison

        hi JB. im 9 and a half ive dreamed of u all my life! :) im not happy coz i waant 2 see u so that it will make me happy! when can we meet! :( coz im lonley

      • Brielle Hawkins

        OMG!!!I wish we could all chat with JB 4real…….LOL!!!

      • jamima

        are u dating someone because i want to go out with u

      • maddie rimmer

        thx justinbeiber1fan. maby one day he will see you

      • SELENA


    • sarah


      • sonjo

        hi 2

    • justin beiber

      love you too

      • felicia

        whats your phone # mine is 8567979 call me p.s. love you to

      • SELENA

        I LOVE YOU

      • Haamilee

        Love you to babby

      • Taylor

        Hey justin can I please have it number please

      • megan

        I miss u I love Justin he is my love so im so sad

  • beth

    justin dont you just love it when people say things that are exactly the same to your favorite things?:’) it makes me laugh,, wwell i can tell you that i cant sing and im not very musical… although i do love dogs, i have a labradoodle :D her name is missie. my favorite songs aree ermm ‘UP’ and ‘downtoearth’ i like blue eyed guys and brown hair but your an exception ;D honestly i truely love you, i listen to your album on my ipod everyday:)but yeahh thats it reallyy.. well its not but i dont really want to say anything else in public :P apart from ILOVEEYYOUUUU<3 but im not obbsessed, just a little inlove:)or alot inlove (:

  • steph

    tht sux cuz i have skool not fair

  • Amber

    But I dont Have a youtube eairther plezzzzzz email me at Justin It will mean the world to me thx

  • Joanna

    I used to have myspace

  • trish

    i love u justin! my favorite song is down 2 earth! i listen 2 it like 20 tmes a day! i love u so much u r the best! i really want a twitter. i wish i had a myspace but everyone i know says that twitter is horrible but then like all the celebraties have 1. i love u so much and i wish i could go 2 your concert but your not coming 2 louisville, ky but please do or at least come 2 kentucky somewhere. all of my bffs love u and so do i and all i want 4 my birthday is 2 go 2 your concert.i entered 2 go with u 2 the kids choice award like more than 50 times but i guess i didnt get it because i havent heard anything about it. please come 2 kentucky! i love down 2 earth and u!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Sarahtwq.


  • syaheeJB4ever

    in justinbieber page myspace????which 1? im not see any chatbase at there

  • Mrs.Bieber(:

    YEPP(: I<3U!

    • miriam

      hey Mrs.Bieber(:

    • miriam

      Mrs. bieber

      • Robbie

        Your stupid

    • linda baby

      hey mrs bieber.
      god gave u agift as a son.
      please reply

      • jordan clark

        justin you are the best singer ever in the whole entire world can you please send me tickets for your concert? My mom and dad thinks its to much and i loooooooooooooooooooooooove you so much and by the way i live in charlotte north carolina.

  • Taylor

    dang my three favorite songs on the poll well i like all but Eenie Meenie, That should be me, and Smile is my favorite its hard to choose lol well im glad JB is goin on live chat but sad for me i have to watch my cousins one is 4 and the other is 4 months i have to watch them while my sisters go skating and my mom and aunt help my grandma(granny) move stuff around in her house :( i will try to get on just to talk to JB if i have to hold the baby and be on the chat thing then i will lol oh and what will be the time for Oklahoma would it be 12:30pm(afternoon):? :)

  • ida renander

    OMG ! i wanna to talk whit justin on myspace, but i don’t know how i do it : ‘(( and i live in Norway so i don’t konw the time : ‘((( better luck next time -.-

    • BILLIE_JO challoner


  • quinteshia

    hey man i love all of your songs thet are great expecially baby& first dance man u iz da best

  • hyatt

    dear justin bieber,

    i cant wait i am sooooooooooo exited about your consert on sunday.and the good thing is my best friend kelby is going with me.oh and i live in lumberton its a very small town.i just moved hear in augist,2oo9.actually kelby told me about you and she told me to listen to your songs and i did and i loved it!!!i am 9 years old and i want a facebok soo bad because i want to become a fan that everyone is talking faveiort singers are you and michal faveiort coloers are purple and lime green.i absoulty love faveiort morning drink is orange juice and i am learning how to play piano and i love singing.i am not trying to be rood and brag on my self but i have had a solo every year in the school play.well i love you and your music

    love your future girl friend, hyatt

  • Ana

    hi, so is the live chat at 12.30pm (ie midday) tomorrow ?

    • Annie

      he is hot

      • lexi love biebs

        i know right!!!!!!!!!! im so his number one girlfriend!!!!!!!!:) justin bieber i love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!call me 813-641-2999!!!!!!!!! love ya baby!!!!!!!!!!!

  • trish

    i have to be at school during the chat. its so not fair. :( i really want to be there to chat with justin bieber but i dont even have a myspace.


      lol lol lol

  • i’m really2 love Justin Bieber

    really ? are you sure ? oh my gooooooood ! I’ll never be able to miss this ! really ! :)

  • jennifer kennedy

    hi justin bieber iam jennifer i like you u r nice and sooooo cool lol iam 16 and i live in the uk xxxxx_

  • shake

    hey justin u really hab a cute
    smile n a way u sing is boom
    u ouch mma heart really!!!

    • Justin Drew Bieber

      Thanks Guys You all Rock add Me on Msn :) Get back to me L: )

      • kaylee

        I love u and your welcome

        P.S. my brother says your gay but I say back to him he is gay and mean.I love you very much

      • erika morales

        hi justin luv u and have a doll and i made a poster collection of u so wen is ur concerts and phone number mines is 6262411536

      • erika morales

        hi every 1 is jelouse of u and dnt listen on youtube im sing snooki420 ya its kool so bottle at ur head not kool still luv u tho sexy urwelcome

      • campbell

        ur hot and i love u.u are always in my dreams i want to become a pop star like u.u are so sweet and u are cute. i love when u flip ur hair. we all love u.i want to be on youtube.

      • keesha

        you r so hot and i love u, and u taught us to never give up on our dreams! NEVER SAY NEVER!!

      • ajainay

        you are welcome.

      • Lerosha

        Hi Justin Drew Bieber it me Lerosha Lee…Hey Baby!!!:)

      • randa

        i love u justin your a very talented singer call me at 267-338-8580 thanks im your biggest fan i love your song never say never and pray.

      • brianah

        jb is my boyfriend ok so back off

      • marquis

        you now my brother Keyshawn dont you



      • kasia

        i hope you can come to my house on stonebroke ln please you will break my heart if you dont and i really mean you will brake me heart

      • gracieelkins

        hey baby I love you alWaYs in for ever i love jb he’s my bf so yall better leave me a him alone ok okay

      • aliha

        what are you doing.
        i love you so much that i am to shy to say enithing els.

      • jaydy= )

        YEAH JUSTIN WU D ??

      • sadeeqah isaacs from south africa

        Hi justin bieber I m sadeeqah 4rm South Africa, cape town the most beautiful city iin the world every night I pray 2 see ur concert live and 2 meet u I’m a big big big big fan of yours nd I would like 2 meet u nd I love ur concert of never say never nd also. Tell jaden smith I’m also a big. Fan of his. People my dream is 2 become a actor est
        With jb nd js love u jb nd js reply jb I no I’m just a fan 2 u yor. God wish I had lots of money then I could’ve tavel every yer jb’s. Shows wher ur ii cnt stop typin omg omg bieber u so kind u no u r famous bt stil u keep u like a nomal guy out ther that’s whhatt I love about u•••

      • sky

        hey babe i love you and im a big fan of you and im 16 my name sky and would you go out with me and would you video chat with me tonight or right now on the computer face to face on the computer.

      • justin bieber wife

        you rock justin im going to your concert in december

      • LolaBieber

        Justin I Love You, You Are So Beautiful♥♥
        I Love You Sweeti♥♥♥♥<33<3<3<3<3<3<3<33<3

  • shaker chettri

    i love the way u smile
    nye ur song way u sing is
    boom boom m brust

  • Justin Bieber

    I love your smile, beautiful eyes (I just melt completely), and the your beautiful voice <3 <3

    • kambria

      OMG…I LOVE U.

      • cool


    • kambria

      U R SOO CUTE

    • savannah



    • Lindo

      Bieber if u would know how much i would like to chat with on email or facebook plz plz jb write for me in my email i

    • keesha

      YOU R SO KNID, SWEET AND VERY TALENTED!! you r so adorable and will always be in my heart! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • keesha

      you r so kind, so sweet and very talented, and very adorable!!
      and u will always be in my heart because u r my sweet heart
      <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

      • michelle

        hey keesha your dumb and bye

    • Lerosha

      Hi Justin Bieber:)

    • Chloe

      I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH JUSTIN <3 You are soo sweet and hot!!

    • Jordan

      Justin Bieber!! I love you sooo much!! oh my gosh I wish I could meet you!!!! <3 ( im a girl just if your wondering about my name ;D )

    • gracieelkins

      yepp i go out with him an i love him sooo much …….. i love your smile its sooooo sexy an i love you

    • Alexa

      omg wanna date me justin

    • danny adam confar

      i miss u justin bieber please to carver so i can meet you

    • ms bieber

      hi how r u

    • emma

      hi its me felicia my phone # is 8567979 whats yours love your futere wife

    • SELENA

      I LOVE YOU

    • rebecca

      hi i love u soooooooooooooo much am 10 :)

    • CERRA


  • Ida

    OMG ! i miss this : ‘(((

  • emma

    no joke yeah.. im like in love with justin bieber if there are any competions for the uk to meet him please email me on.. ok thank you. x

  • Taylor

    i missed it i was cryin no lie my mom was like driving fast so i could talk to him on it but yea im soo mad grr y did i have 2 miss it gosh i had a good ? to ask him oh well to late now :(

    • mulki

      hi i relly love justin bieber he is so cut i wish i dated him!!! LOL

      • mulki

        he is so hot i can’t stand his songs :)

  • dayana

    justin bieber my number is 786-326-53-95 please call me i need to talk to u

    • savanna

      like hes gonna call u

    • Justin Bieber

      I’m justin bieber what do u need to talk to me about?

      Call me @ 631-949-0313 but I dont have text sorry but u can call me at 12:00pm and anyother times

      • Future miss.Bieber

        I loveeeeeeee you so much soi can call you any time

      • StephMarion

        Omg justin i love u so much and can i call u ?

  • alyssa

    OMG! Justin, no matter what ANYBODY says, i am your #1 fan! (besides you mom, Pattie)

    • She likes justin so

      Was it really the real justin bieber? Omg I love him sooo much*•* he’s my best friend ever..:(