Justin Bieber Announces North American; USA and Canada Tour

After invading small screen in various live appearances, Justin Bieber is going to take his music to the road. The Canadian pop singer confirmed that a North American tour; USA and Canada have been mapped out by his camp and the first leg of the gig will be announced this week.

“Gonna announce the first leg of my North American MY WORLDS Tour this week!!!” Justin shared to his followers on Twitter. This gig is announced in anticipation of his new album “My World 2.0″ which is set to arrive in the market across the country on March 23.

In the meantime, Justin Bieber’s calendar is filled with a performance on “Late Show with David Letterman” and a sold-out concert at Rosemont Theatre. Also, he is scheduled to entertain “The View” audience for two consecutive performances; one is acoustic and the other is full band set.

Detailed info about his upcoming shows can be checked on this site.

  1. Justin you have GOT to come to emerald isle nc usa plz plz plz plz plz!!!! Its the most boring dull town! The beach has no good restraunts or entertainment! brings some padazzledazzle to our town!! U can do it JB!!!
    <3 u ******

  2. Oh and i bought everyone of ur songs on itunes and stayed on twitter till i could buy u smile because u DO make ME smile. I request baby almost every day to bob93.3. <3 u JB!!!

  3. OMG he is coming to Tulsa,Oklahoma i live nere there OMG im soo happy OMG i am going to BEG my mom to let me go and try to get front row seat :)

  4. OMG, he`s comin to Minneapolis, MN!
    I`m gonna beg my mom to let me go.
    I`m sure she`s gonna let me thoe.
    Cause i`ve been wanting for EVERR!
    iLove u justin Bieber! Andd ima get
    FRONT ROW seats ! iff thee tickets ar`nt selled out.
    P.S iLove u soo much Babaayyyy! ; justin Bieber!


  6. I got tickets for September 1st!
    Does anyone know who is opening for him? I’ve heard Sean Kingston or Ludacris

  7. Hi Justin, I know that you are extremely busy and that you probably don’t have time to answer fans like me, but I just wanted to let you know that I am a HUGE fan! :) Your music is amazing and inspires me! You are also such a sweet and loving person! I’ve watched lots of your interviews and videos online, your such a sweetie! :) I would love it if you would come to Nova Scotia!!!! Even New Brunswick, I just want to come to your concert and be your OLLG at that concert! <3 I would really apreciate it if you wrote me back, it would mean the world to me! :)
    Love you! <3

      • :O ohmygosh! Thank you so much first of all for replying to me, I was so excited when I saw you replied! :) And secondly, thankyou so much for saying you’ll come to Nova Scotia! :D ♥ Do you know when you’ll be coming?? This is so exciting for me because i’ve never been to one of your concerts before !
        ♥ Emily (:

  8. I really would love to come to your concert but cant find any tickets for Georgia and soooo many girls at my school would love to come but i want to bring one person and meet you ive never been to one of your concerts and i really really like you i go to a privte school and we can barley afford that and the only reason i could go on the tim magraw concert is my dad’s friend won them and gave 3 tickets to us. i really really would appreciate you if you would give me just 3 backstage tickets it would change my life forever!! i <3 you Justin!!!!

  9. Heyy Justin ! Just stopped by to show some love.. Can’t wait for your movie to come out ! I also sing but I would love it if you can help me get into the music business ? That would make my dreams come true ! I’ve always wanted to be on the red carpet with my favorite artists and my new favorite artist (you] ! And also I would just love to be a singer and give my parents a vacation cause they do alot 4 me and my brothers.. So yeah much love from Karen;D

  10. Hey Justin!Im Catherina.So,er..is it true tat u’re comin to SINGAPORE on 11 May 2011?I know u’re busy..Bt,plz rep this msg..Btw,im a HUGE FAN!! 8) N,i LOVE all your songz..Its so..WOW..AMAZING!Anw,are yuh gonna mke a new song in 2011?Well hope u will..
    Luv Ya Justin Bieber!~

  11. hey i am ur #1 fan u cant see my walls because they have posters of u on them.but u really inspire me that if i try hard enugh i can make my dreams come true and thankyou 4 that.i would really like it if u had enough time 2 call me because my parents r in a devorce and my mom is trying to get me 2 move 2 arknsas but my dad wants me 2 stay in texas.so i just need to talk 2 u about somethings about my parents in a dovorce because i know ur parents r in a dovorce and i just need someone 2 talk 2 so if u can plz call me at 817-902-9357 thankyou love,caylee

  12. Got tickets for my almost 8yr old grand daughter for jan 26 show in Miami hope this goes through I’m 63 and have i phone for first time any way she is so excited she is coming with dads significant other couldn’t get three seats together. Have heard you put on a terrific show know this will be something she remembers forever THANKS for being an awesome role model . Greatful grannie

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