Justin Bieber Caught in Underwear

JB was seen flashing his underwear! He was spotted riding low as he stepped into a fan with his crew. I know, he just turned 16. But what the heck.. he is just too sexy with or without undies.

No comment? ;)

source: celebridoodle.com

  • Sahar

    haha. LOL

  • angelikaJ.

    awwww…thats cute…X3

  • nge

    did justin show or u secretly take the foto? god tats embrassing ……..
    haha lol
    tis pic is funny!

    • leaira jones

      justin is awesome at singing

      • Lerosha

        yeah Leaira

  • Sydney

    Aww, dont make fun of him. I think it’s cute. But he isn’t cute he’s Gorgeously stunning.

  • bebe

    awww does he know?lol

  • Khansa.Zaman

    IT IS CUTE, AND HOT <3<3<3

  • bamagirl10

    he is so hottyeah baby so yeah

  • maria

    aww.dat is cute he saexy and it dont matter …lol…..he my man..lol…. its iight


    Fuck all ya bitches

  • kristianna b.

    wht da hell justins neva gonna date a gurl lik u
    but ya that pic is soooo cute

  • unperfectgirl_4U

    hey girls above,,can i know ur ages,,?

  • angel

    this picture is H.O.T. ;)

  • unperfectgirl_4U

    lol,,funny pic.did he know that? maybe he is in a hurry,,

  • jasmine

    lol wow thats funny… He has a nice butt lol…i wonder if he knew that that pic was bein taken(proly not) its ok justin we still love you no matter what ur flashing LMAO!!!!!!! <3 u so much justin and i cant wait till u come to perform in chicago on the 25 for ur concert Jasmine Bieber <3 Justin Bieber 4 life

  • Dalia

    Jaja that’s so funny I love you justin bieber pleas come to panam … Its so funny if he know there is this pic here jajaja he is so hut love he’s undies ♡ ♡

  • Dalia

    I’m 12!!! ♡

  • Lyric

    IM 12 GOING ON 13!!!

  • Lavonae

    awwww. its ok justin we still love you. nice shoes btw!

  • jorden

    lol i luv u so mutch justin luv the pic and luv u im 14 dont forgrt

  • AShley

    u guys wish justin liked u haha, u can never get that!!!

  • kristianna b.

    Justin i luv u ur so cute and i mean it but that pic is lik wht angel said H.O.T but 15 LOL really 15 but 15 4 sure ya wait i was born in march of 95 so wait do da math ya im 15 2 day yaaay awsome i wish justin would wish me happy birthday but he never checks this site so ya in my dreamz hahahaha

  • kristianna b.

    If justin wants 2 wish me a happy b-day he can txt me @ 701 301 1630

  • KTnaLuvsJB

    @kristianna b. -wow smart of u to put ur # on a website… ANYWAYS dat photographer was perverted… hahaha

  • kristianna b.

    Or anybody else

  • kristianna b.

    @KTnaLuvsJB its not my # juss my very close friends # but ya i am smart

  • keya

    justin yu got to pull up your pants but dont yu looken sexi so pull down!!!!

  • skylar

    you are so hot my cousons thinks so to i love your music and you break up with your girlfriend and go out me and my cousuns are nichnames are sky is me my other couson is sar and dan we are 15 we cant what to marry you pleae say yes

  • bella

    that was so hot………………

  • lydia

    hi i love u justin i mean that pic means nothing ur HOT every1 talk to me at justin bieber zone chatzone thx my sis loves u so do i :-)

  • jbzgirl

    it’s ok everyone has thier embarassing moments so don’t make fun and plus u don’t even know if that’s jb