Justin Bieber Sings a Rap Song

Justin Bieber Rapping On The Westwood 1Xtra Show In The UK.

In the video above you can check out Justin Bieber’s rapping skills on the Westwood 1Xtra Show in the United Kingdom. He might be considered a pop sensation, but we don’t doubt that someday we will hear a rap song from him!

Watch the video above and let us know if you agree!

source: disneydreaming.com

  1. ONE WORD THREE LETTERS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is he like good at everything he does or trys OMFG I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!

  2. love the rap very creative .cep up whith the good worck.like all your fans say around the wuorld say i love u jb aka justin
    bieber just kiding i just like him :] i am not his number one fan iam just a fan.

  3. wow that was awesome justin bieber u rock im going to your concert wendsday i cant wait to see u. u are the hottest boy around and the best singer and also rapper love you!

  4. Hesh so hottzy !!!!!!& you knows it

    The Lyircs:

    ATL baby is where I reside
    imma young white rapper and I don’t get high
    teenage girls is what I really like and
    I’m still a young boy but I’m still so fly

    Yeah you see my smile
    caught it on the camera
    drink a red bull grew the wings
    see the stamina
    shout out to my boys yeah they up there in CANADA
    I used to live there till I moved to Atlanta
    where the girls are so hot
    here the girls are fine too
    catching bieber fever

    can I be the one to take you ’round town
    be the one to call when you feeling so down
    I can be your man
    you can be my crown

    I’m j bieber
    first name last name
    I’m j bieber
    check it on the past lane
    I’m j bieber
    I’m always in the fast lane
    Tim Westwood
    I’m just a pop singer!

  5. ohmygoohd we loveeee justin bieeber !!!!!!!! WE LOVEEE YOU BABYYY :DD
    your tha finest boy ive ever seen and i wonder do you notice that wen yuu had a concert im up there in tha crooowd … you so fine you turn me on and you know it .but most important baby doll your my love love love . thats why you should date me , cus yuu know that i love you , yes we’ve bbeen qooin to tha beach chillinq in tha saand , youllwalk me home from skool , youll walk me to my claasees .your my favorite part of tha day and every morning i look forward to me seeing your face i just need it some more . im tha typeof gurl that appreciates a guy amazing as you so yougotta be my baaby yeah.thats why you should date me so tell me can you dig it ,your everything i need and ill always be your # 1 faan (dig that) i should be your one and only gurl you should date me….♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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