Justin Bieber Sneakers

Justin Bieber has a pair of sneakers in just about every shade!

If there’s anything Justin Bieber likes as much as older R&B starlets, it’s colorful sneakers in every color of the rainbow! The pint-sized crooner has been spotted sporting sneaks in bright shades like purple, red, blue, and even yellow!

Justin Bieber’s sneakers collection looks more like the inside of a Fruit Loops box than footwear! It seems like his fetish for eye-popping sneakers is his signature style staple! Don’t get me wrong, we’ve seen colorful shoes on other performers before, but the young star is easily making the trend his own with his array of brights!

What do you think? Is Bieber’s bright colorful style something you think looks great on guys or is it just foolish?


  1. it looks great on justin cuz its him and i like him for who he is inside not justin bieber i like him for justin bieber the one truly him not wat people tell him stuff

  2. justin bieber is the best i like him coz he is cool and nice and funny wen girls see him thay all cry but not me becoz justin alway gets its i wood love to meet justin bieber for a day we will have fun love jennifer xxx

  3. heyy how are you i heard that a girl that won the gmtv competition had some sort of spazz attack . if i wont it i would get really axcited and i would have spoken to you


  4. i think he looks BEASTLY in colorful sneakers!! me n my cousin were gonna buy kol aid sneakers from da mall n i waz gonna buy red n she waz gonna buy purple…now dats even weirder then wats justin doin (never bought da shoes *tear tear* DONT STEAL OUR IDEA!! its gonna happen someday so DONT STEAL just like u wont steal justinz idea)
    ily Justin :)(;

  5. i think it looks awesome very gorgeous…he should whatever he likes its not really our choice or opinion as long as hes comftorable it doesnt matter..:))

  6. on justin the shoes are awesome but at my skool the guys who try to pull off that look well they look gay it depends on the guy :) <3 JUSTIN BIEBER

  7. ,,my G0d..different.. sh0es..

    ,,so0 “astig..”..hahah..

    ,,s00 cute..hahah♥..

    i luv the sh0es but.. i luv justin bieber..

    ,,s00 much,,

  8. omg i love jb im his #1 fan i love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really want to meet him ever scense one time came out i’ve been begging my mommy to meet him.

  9. justin bieber is the best singer ever and his shoes are so awesome i hope he goes and has a concert as wild adventures i would DIEEE!!!! he is my fav and i hope he does he is soooooooooo freakinn cute!!<3

  10. hey wats up its hailey and im on a three way talk i love justin bieber and so do you !!!!!!!!!!!!! im justin biebers biggest fan and i love him to death, i would faint if i meet him well got to go. love ya justin b.

  11. I Think They Should Come Out With Justin Bieber Sneckers…They Will Be The Best Shoes Ever Everyone Would Want A Pair An The People Who Aren’t His Fans Will Be


  12. He jus cum up wit his own style n i like dat. He’s not afraid to try new styles. If he keep it up it would becum a new trend! =]

  13. justin i am not a biggest fan of you but i like your songs.I really want to see you in real life right here in brooklyn to be a singer like you i hope you read this message bye.

  14. I think he wears supras. Just to let some of you know, he does NOT come up with his own style, other people that dress like that are Kanye, Jason Derulo, etc. He’s just like one of them. He does, however, get props for being able to bag so many girls.

  15. N!C3 SHO3$ u have a good styl3 k33] up the good work cuz im yr BIGGEST fAN 3v3r,& u have a krazy SWAGG3R[aka can dress good] plz come to SHR3V3PORt louisi@n@ cuz we love u& yr SONGZ hahahahahaha

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