London fans Curse and Yell, Justin Bieber Apologized.

Justin Bieber snuck out a back door at the Mayfair Hotel in London Friday night after tons of fans showed up to meet him.

Bieber had tweeted, “gonna be at the Mayfair Hotel in London at 6:30 p.m. to party.”

London Fans insult and curse Justin Bieber

But when he left the building he ignored them.

As many fans yelled and cursed at him, Bieber took to his Twitter to apologize:

“Wish I could have come out from the performance at the Mayfair, but security wouldn’t let me. For those girls who cursed me out for it, I’m sorry but sometimes I need to listen to security so no one gets hurt. But I like your attitude. The UK goes hard!”

OMG.. this is too much.
Your opinion?


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  • xolilsami96ox

    the fans have abs. no reason to CURSE at him if they LOVE him so much they should respect that hes a busy person, he cant just leave a concert to talk to them, those fans should have some kind of self control they’re out of their minds. i do think justin is being way to nice about it though<3 aw hes so perfect

    • justin bieber lover!!!

      Ilove JB i dont no wt ppl’s problems r the hate him but there jus jealous of him.For guys the reason y they hate him him is because he’s hot,hes a hot Canadian boy!TO ALL U HATERS GET A FREAKIN LIFE BECAUSE ALL U HATERS SUUCCKK!!!!! GO JB LOVERS!!!

  • QTy.rheya14

    um justin i may not be there buT its okay 4 u to ign0re the ppl… I know some of the pple are disappointed for you not to talk to them but i hope they understand for you to follow the rules….. <3

  • Krissy

    i understand justin i mean come on you need a break man your in pop sensacion ou need a break i mean if i was a pop star i would ignore every one i understand pop stars need a break like you taylor swift um miley cyrus and all them your a pop star and you drove a ferrari with out your drivers liscens you can pay the ticket any ways i understand every one needs a break now and then and i respect that that and all yall other jerks who cursed at jb i got a few words to say stfu he wanted aa f****** break ok so stfu yall understand

  • country top

    Her album fearless is just an amazing piece of music. I am really looking forward to hear more from her.

  • Lavonae

    i understand the fans point of view. But justin has a point he cant do everything they want him to. But i know he would if he could. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK JB!!!

  • nairobi

    i am shower that they will get over it.

  • Noisiervampire

    well…those fans were really outaa their mind i think…but justin is being nice and this is one of the reasons I’m a fan of him!…..I understand that they should and need to have a break and ignore some ppl! but If i was a popstar I’d really try hard to dont ignore anyone!

  • Georgi x

    I see where Justin and the fans are coming from..Copz if i am honest i would go nuts if I saw him..:P But I definetley wouldnt swear at him, I LOVE him, and if they are his true fans so do they, so that isnt a way of making him like you..:/ Sorry for the way some of them acted, pleasee come ack to England? xxxxxxxxxxxxx <333 you angel xxxx

  • jb lover

    thats so nice lolz

  • kr!$t!@nn@ b.

    well that was IDK but anywayz I 4got wen Babes cuming 2 minneapolis minnesota i mite liv in bismark nd but i can still travel ;)

  • rene

    London fans curse!!! o my good!!!spain fans yell

  • i(L)justinbieber

    I saw dat twitter update
    Didnt knw wat he was tlkin bout lol
    Now i do,man i feel sorry for him
    he shudnt be tha one apologizin!
    Sorry justin if they made u feel bad
    you shudnt fel bad tho cuz u jus keep showin ya luv for us
    we shud be mor greatful nd not doubt ya so much!
    Luv yoou lots!..x

  • safaa

    ok he should be the 1 apoligizing!! its not his fault:_) he has to listen secuirty! so bitches who cursed him curse you!!! bitches he dont deserve tht!!

  • safaa

    srry i meant he shouldnt!

  • lianne

    oh you guys pls respect jb he’s only human.. he can get tired and sometimes be a snob..or he can’t entertain all of you pls be understanding..its also hard for jb’s side..

  • anna colmer

    why did everyone go mental, maybe he just couldnt handle it anymore, you need to remember he is 16 :S? :L

  • Danelle Campbell

    Yes, i really don’t care. Umm, yea those girls are dumb and immature, well if they loved JB they wouldn’t be popping out the old CC to him. That’s totally not cool. i mean yes he cursed on bieberordie.com he said b*tch, but he was just acting, it kinda hurt me but i just soon realized that it was just an act. I still love Justin even though he does curse and party and all tht crap. I’m 12 years old and i do that, but not out of hate and not something reasanable. I just think that everybody has their role models and inspiration, when you look at them do you always expect perfection? No. Their not perfect,and what do you have to say? Nobody’s Perfect! So, no bailing on Justin. And those girls are dumb. GO JUSTIN FOREVA!

  • Courtney

    Justin,those girls are dumb.If they loved you soo much,why did they curse at you? They are crap heads and freakin STUPID!! They should jump in a ditch,You girls that “love” him,back off!!!!! Oh,BTW,you girls are sooooo DUMB!!!!!!

  • Mudda Phuqa

    Wow, a really low education level on this forum!

  • http://www.justinbieberzone.com bree

    jb is a very sweet and cutie boy tht is 16 and might need a brake adn i know tht because i went to one of his concerts and he was so tired from this all this things in this life he needs to take a brake he needs to go see his family and mabey he will be better an dlike other people said he neened to listen to secuirty so know one got hurt but he is a nice sweet cutie taltend 16 year old boy how just needs time to get a barke and go with his family well mabey go on a vacation with his family be a boy not a pop star just a boy

  • http://www.justinbieberzone.com bree

    jb is a sweet cuite taltend who just needs a barke from being a pop star just be a boy

  • amblah (nickname)

    i dont care if he curses hes cute

  • A Fan x0x

    Seriously, who cares if he curses? Yeah its a bad habit but he’s 16, its the real world. Celebs arent goody-goodies all the time. These London girls need 2 cop themselves on, get a grip and get over themselves! If they were real fans they wouldn’t curse and yell at him.

  • isiah

    jb is not a bad guy so much so you all suck not the ones that are not being mean to him

  • isiah

    london girls are bichs n hors

  • Jb Fans

    london girls and babys just cause justin didnt want to sing 4 to there ugly faces lol

  • justinbieber22220

    i love justin bieber. just because he didnt sing to you cause he wanted to kep things save for you londan girls doesnt mean you curse at the hot kids and he is so famous i would never curse at him.

  • Anon

    Gosh, does everyone have to swear?


    why would dey curse at him hez JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!