OMG! Justin Bieber in Boxers

OMG.. again, JB is caught in boxers.
Sure he likes red boxer!

Girls… close your mouth!!

To see more Justin Bieber in white boxers click here. You won’t be disappointed! lol ;)

  • Rebekahh

    Nice haa x

  • Joanna

    Yes nice but who is he beating

  • Mrs.Bieber1

    dang Justin waz puttin da smash on somebody frm my view lol and red boxers lol

  • nge

    So CUTE!!<3
    but who is he beating up? n why?

  • Gus

    so hot<3
    but I want 2 now what he's doing????
    when I saw the picture my mouth was wide open!!!
    stil love u as much…(jbiebes

  • Gus

    He’s beating Dave Reynolds.
    Have you not seen his video??

  • angel

    damn! he looks smexyyy in red boxers ;)

  • Tory

    omg leave him alone nobody wears belts any more lol:)

  • Megan

    my cuz does but again hes a fuckin geek

  • maria bieber

    that’s is not wowww is a boy in boxers like mi brother haha

    • Galah

      O wanna see his wee

  • Noisiervampire

    hahahahaha cute

  • katelynn

    hey good looking yooh look even better with boxers on lol

  • Jeanina

    hes so cuteeee.

  • Cely

    Wat is he doing?!???? It looks like there’s a girl in a green sweater in front of him.

  • gigi

    it looks like hes like punching someone lol

  • Tory

    dude who is he punching??????? :)

  • krisey

    he is so cute.Looks like got gansta on someone to.

  • chetta

    omg he iz a straight up“ G“ keep it real justin you iz sexy wit boxerz on lol


  • Adilah

    hahahaha!LOL!kinda cute though

  • rene

    aaaaaa…..are very sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • emilia

    jajajajajaja very funny jejejejejej

  • jb favor luva

    thts sad y wood u put tht yea i gotta admit it funny but it also gross tht yall wood put tht im sure yall have been caught b4 wit yall pants to loose and u need a belt but they didnt post it on internet so y do it to him i meen i personally if i met him i wood faint i have a history of faintin if i get nervous but i love him just as much as the nxt but i woodnt put tht on the internet especially where evry1 can see it

  • rootbeer

    he is a dweeb PEACE!!!

  • Herbrena Dennis(Her.bre.na Den.nis)

    Me and my cousin think your cute,hot,and sexy.I LOVE YOUR SONGS.

  • rahelgatto

    hi your hot i like your boxeres there hot like u because u wear them so ya

  • jb is sexy

    i so would love to be with you your cute hot n sexy and i love you and your songs so like ya

  • yustin naiara

    the amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    si lees esto pl9is mandame un saludo aunque se a porfa justin te amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • yustin naiara

    the amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Bieber_Liscious

    its funny but ive had my pants to loose and showed my underwear but its never be on the internet

  • Keira

    ur so hot