Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Best Role Models for Children?

Look to the Stars asked students from Griffith Middle School in East LA what they would like to see changed about the world, and which celebrities they think would best be able to lead the way. Among the celebrities named were Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Here’s an excerpt from 13 year old Marianne’s letter:

The world isn’t a perfect place: in fact, we are far away from getting there. Although we could all do something that could make it a better place, the first thing we need help in is saving our planet. We all have to go green! Secondly, we have to do something about caring for others before ourselves. People are selfish nowadays.

Have you ever thought about the world we all live in? Look around, we have made this world a mess. I think that before it is too late, and we completely destroy everything, we have to step up and save our planet!

Every day, instead of leaving our phone charger connected, take three more seconds and unplug it! When you are in the shower, you could turn off the water while you are washing your hair. If we all cooperate, we can all make a difference.

The planet is a wonderful place and I don’t want to lose Mother Nature’s beauty. I think if we all work together, we will save the world just in time. Even if it seems impossible, we can do it! One becomes two, then three, and then later… it will turn into thousands and millions of people helping to save the world.

I think Justin Bieber would inspire a lot of girls to save the planet, and he could also donate money to charity. Justin is a teen star, therefore our generation would be inspired, and then we can inspire younger kids and their parents.

In conclusion, we all need to help this world and one another. Cooperating as a group could make a big difference.

Here’s an excerpt from 13 year old Amy’s letter:

I would say that Selena Gomez would be up to the challenge to help stop pollution because she has already went ahead and helped the kids in Africa and the people in Haiti. She would be a big role model to all children. She would help to get people on their feet, and help clean the beaches of the world. She would be a big help to this project of ending pollution.

She would need to send messages to the people of the world and show how, indeed, we need to accomplish this project. We all need to work together as the only ones that can help the poor animals get out of their misery. She could also educate people on how some of the kids got skin cancer because of pollution, and also about some of the factories that are causing these problems.

Which Disney star do you think would be best to lead the way?

  1. melissa
  2. XoXo.
  3. yasmin
  4. bella
  5. maria.
  6. Zoey Flight.
  7. Zoey Flight.
  9. arielle rocha
  10. Riwa
  11. Riwa
  12. Riwa
  13. Riwa
  14. JFanAlex
  15. Selena!
  16. paris
  17. paris
  18. luv justin
  19. Dalia
  20. Tory
  21. Lyric:)
  22. Lavonae
  23. Shai-Anne
  24. Jadey girl
  25. gabby
  26. Mrs.Bieber1
  27. nera
  28. lily
  29. Khansa.Zaman
  30. Krissy

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