What Kind of Car Justin Bieber wants to Drive?

People Magazine asked what kind of car Justin Bieber was going to get now that he is 16-years-old. Justin answered:

“I think I want a Range Rover.”

But wasn’t Diddy supposed to give Justin a car on his birthday? Watch Diddy tell Justin he can have his Lamborghini in the video below.

“He said when I turn 16 he was going to give me his Lamborghini. But we all know Diddy’s not gonna give me his Lamborghini. He’s all talk.”

C’mon Diddy, we totally think Justin deserves it!


  • katie hobbs nashville tn

    so justin i hope ur car is awesome b cause i want 2 ride with u in it

  • Taylor

    wat color range rover do u want :)

  • Krizzle

    I really hope you do get ur car b cause i really want to ride w/ you

  • Marissa

    justin did get a range rover for his 16th birthday, he got a black one. lucky him ;)

  • Debbie


  • reginae carter

    hey justin i love you you may no my dad lil wayne i think your hot

  • keya

    i want to see your car but let me ride

  • gigi

    i like that car i hope he gets it

  • Lulu

    hey it is lulu that is really cool he is 16 now he can drive it that is so cool P.S like the video

  • Lulu

    love that car and is it a convertabowl

  • Braedan88

    yo justin I just bought a BMW M4 and It is better than your car

  • Braedan88

    yo justin I just bought a BMW M4 and It is better than your car
    Just Kidding

  • courtney


  • satchel

    he got a range rover for his 16 b day and a fisker from his friend usher the pop star