Justin Beber Blocked and Removed from Twitter?

The claim that Justin Bieber has been blocked from the Twitter trending list is false!

Few sources claimed that Twitter removed Justin Bieber from the Twitter trending list. Apparently, this news broke somewhere on the web. Justin Bieber’s name may have disappeared for a moment, and this caused the rumors to start flying about Twitter removing him from the trending list, but if you visit Twitter now, you see “Justin Bieber” trending again.

Fortunately, fans are coming together to fight the decision by Twitter to block Justin Bieber from the Twitter trending list, but the way I see it, he’s still there!

Screen shot of Justin Bieber on Twitter trending list (taken 1 minute ago):


  1. YEAH, iBelieve you.
    He`s always gonna
    be there. Andd iLove
    him with all my HEART.
    I`m gonna go on twitter
    now. Andd Jush tell EVERYONE
    to NOT Block him. Andd too
    SHUT UP talkin about Rumors
    about my BABAYYY Justin Bieber.
    Andd we could do EVERYTHING FUN
    together. P.S Thanks Justin Bieber for FOLLOWING me on Twitter.
    Now iHave SeanKingston andd Liltwist following me on Twitter too.

  2. thats stupid you would you want to block a celeberty from a chat site then nobody will be able to talk to him if they dont want to talk to him then why do they even twitter about him its stupid they should get over themselves!!!seriously!!! gosh dont be disin justin bieber!!!!
    i <3 justin bieber

  3. i really love justin so much so addict with him i’d always support him my classmates told me that justin is a gay but i slap them i have too many enemies in my classroom because of justy but naaah dont care i just love him so much justy already got you MY WORLD 2.0 it”s really awesomE!!! :)

  4. YOU JERKS leave my babyyy aloneeee!! He needs to stay on Twitter so he can tweet flirtatiously to his girl fans…..aka me. ;) I LOVE YOU JUSTIN! You’re AH-MAZING!

  5. Justin wasn’t blocked he just doesn’t manage it anymore he even said it himself. Go to plentyofriends.webs.com it’s the only account tht he manages now

  6. Go to justinbieber.fansearch.info to get Justin B on your Home Google Search Page and he’ll B the first thing you see everytime you log on!!!

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