Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson to Duet on Twilight Song

Good news for all Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson fans! The One Time singer has asked Twilight actor Robert Pattinson to duet with him on a new song for the Eclipse soundtrack.

As you all know Rob is musically gifted too and jumped at the chance to duet with teen singing sensation, Justin.

The pair will collaborate on the song, Once Bitten, written for the soundtrack by Justin’s mentor, Usher and there’s no doubt fans will be gagging to hear the tune.

What do you think of this musical collaboration? Are you excited?


  • Alli

    I love Twilight & JB & im so excited for Eclipse to come to theaters!!

  • Cim

    Wow….!!! I hope that can be Spectaculer

  • Pattriciaa

    Omg!!! That’s so great!!! I love both of them yey!!!

  • Lavonae

    this is gonna be real cool! im a big fan of both!

  • Mz.Bieber

    i dont really like rob but i want to see wat they gone do

  • Cassie

    Yay! I love them both. They’ll be amazing and the song’ll be a hit! ♥

  • nairobi

    i dont now i heard justin sing but never heard rob sing so i dont know i just half to what till it comes out cany what!! hop it comes out sone.

  • KTnaLuvsJB

    lol i wonder how it will sound! i bet it will be great though…. but im feeling kind of suspicious…. is this an april fools day joke, cuz idk if theyre really gonna call it “once bitten” lol

  • Lyric


  • Alice

    Not a fan of pattenson at all! No offence but he will ruin the song

  • jamiebieberlover

    i love justin bieber ur so hot.

  • Gus

    I’m so totally excited cause I love both of them so much!!!!!

  • Ginga

    I think that this will be pretty weird. Especially with Robert Pattinson singing. Cuz his singing SUCKS..

  • Bailey Douglas

    i love your music and of corse you to baby call me please at 803-729-6351 call me! p.s. Your smoking hot! :)(:

  • malaika

    wtf ?:O thats a weird duet, but im lookin forward :D why not robert pattinson with justin bieber when miley cyrus with timbaland ?(:

  • tiffany

    omg i hate and love this
    1 justin bieber awesome
    2 i hate robert pattinson and twilght stuff
    how could this be great and horible

  • lexyfebres

    GENUIS !

  • justinbmyworld

    OMG i cant wait to hear the song it is going to be sikkkk and also im going to watch the movie eclispe when it comes out and i am a big fn of justin bieber and i love the twilight movies, new moon and no: eclipe yay it just get better:D goooooooooooo justin bieber <3 xxxx

  • Desiree

    that cool i like justin alot rob is ok but im excited still cant wait

  • Sabrina

    OMG ii LOvee BOthhh theseee Guysss and peoplee dont hatee on Rp’szz Yeahh!!! He can sing for your information so STFU! This is going to be so great i Love themm Bothh soooo MUCHH!! Tellemm Annaa!! LMAO!!

  • Anna

    i cn get y ppl think it mite be weird
    coz rob’s voice is a lot deepa
    but der both GUD SINGERS
    so stop slammin rob
    cnt wait 2 hear the song
    both of them r like my 2 fave guys
    cnt wait 2 hear it


    yh yh Sabrina

  • Jessica Jaramillo

    Iam so happy! omg i in shock my to role models are making a song together. I am a huge fan of rob and justin i love them.There voices are going to make the song one of a kind i can’t wait. Omg.

  • hellen

    oi justin bieber quantos anos vc tem

  • hellen

    te amo

  • estefany

    hi bb cm estas eres lindo y me podrias dar tu facebook..*_* por fa

  • angelo

    eeeaaiiicara tu e o maior sucesso nesse momento né!!!!!!
    aproveita aiii emm quanto eu vou so montando faalouuu!!!!!..