April FOOL, Justin Bieber Buys FunnyOrDie.com

Justin Bieber has bought Funny or Die and has changed it into Bieber or Die! “So remember,” Justin warns, “This is Bieber’s world. You’re just living in it.”

Yay.. April FOOL!

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  • karen

    he said bitch? haha

  • carolina

    he sound weird when he say bitch lol

  • Alli

    ya he dose lol it was soo funny!!

  • tiffany

    so cute usally i hate when people cuse but when justin does it i’m fine
    so cute :D i <3 Justin Bieber

  • love

    ilysm justin i love your voice

  • diamond b

    I love justin bieber I had to watch the vid over a few times cuz I get tha joke but omg he said b

  • diamond b

    O and my last name is benson don’t think I’m saying bieber is my last name I wish

  • Lavonae

    lol that was funny. hmm he did sound a little weird when he said bitch

  • nairobi

    ya i loved the vidoe it ws alsome .it was wird at first thine it was funny . ya it was a little bit funny whin he said biches

  • Emily

    hhaaahahaa funny!! :D

  • carolain

    u are sooooooooooooooooooooooo fun justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kelsey

    OMG U SAID BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lyric

    i know i was SO surprised!!!

  • Angels

    OMG! I was so shocked when you said bitch!

  • Rabbit

    Hahaha ”lets go get a lollipop” hahah I swim exactly after i eat! ,.. ‘sir your not old enough, so i bought it and made it chucky cheese now whose old enough bitch! hahahahah

  • XD :P

    lol . i can’t believe that ! he’s said bitch .. hmm . . are you sure to said ” BITCH ” ???

  • MoOoNiiMoOoNii

    i cant believe the voice of justin is changing
    his voice sounds very well
    he is s cuteeeeeee!
    he is the cutiest guy in the planet
    i love him with all my heart & soul
    im sick im need you so much
    i need you justin
    i have bieber fever
    rescue me


    OMG! i was so shocked when you said bitch!
    but i dont care ur hot justin bieber…..

  • lola

    why did he ride a black man back and slap a wihte man that junk was funnythats why i have a crush on him i think

  • Jillian(:

    Woooooww i cant believe he swore and stuff!! but hes still so hottt<3

  • Joanna

    Ur voice changed

  • lianne

    he’s really funny here… you couldn’t imagine jb acting like that.. he’s weird but cute… its a different side of justin bieber…

  • ajane

    aww he is so cute even if he does say bitch..lol luv u justin bieber

  • magiie

    i love youu! more than anyone believe it or not it is truee!
    damn urr oo frekking funny ahaha
    lovee yaa babyy

  • Mrs bieber f

    Y the hell did he say bitch???? Luv him though bt he is a bad influence on kids

  • chelsea

    Omg hahahah i love him sooo much

  • lolopoplolli

    i love you!

  • KasyBieber17

    ” so i bought the club and i made to chuck.e.cheese now whos old enough BITCH” hahahahahahahahaha I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER !!!!

    • * Writni *

      That’s what Justin said in funny or die tv show.

  • savanna jeske

    ok yes this really is justin bieber wow he said bitch big deal grow up people serious and you say you love him but you dont know him hes a normal person god you guys you never will get him hes just a fairy tale ok so ya…