Justin Bieber BACK to Thousand Oaks High School Next Year

According to Hollywire reports, Justin Bieber may potentially be attending Thousand Oaks High School in California next year. Despite his big success, Bieber has continued his education and travels with a private tutor for lessons each day.

A counsellor at Thousand Oaks High School, Mike Kelly, commented on the speculation, saying: “I’ve heard the rumour, but that is all I know right now.”
Famous alumni of the school, in the north-western area of Los Angeles, include Michael Richards and Kurt Russell.

So, if right now you live or attending Thousand Oaks High School in California, be ready to see him in person. Who knows you might be end up in the same class with him and sitting next to each other! Awwww…. My heart would go knock.. knock…!!


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