Justin Bieber Dictionary!

Beliebers: Justin Bieber’s trully fans.
“I’m a belieber, you’re not!”

Bieber-fever: a sickness, that has recently been becoming more common, where a girl, or boy, is extreamely obsessed with Justin Bieber, and everything related to him. The only cure is to meet justin bieber in person and have romantic date.
“Mommy, I think I have Bieber fever. “

Bieber Blast: The effect of Justin Bieber took over girls everywhere in da world.
“OMG.. did you hear the news on justinbieberzone.com? Bieber-Blast hits Japan today!”

Bieberty: When Justin Bieber finally hits puberty.
“OMG Becky, You won’t believe this, Justin Bieber finally hit bieberty.”

Biebette: A girl with an obsession with Justin Bieber
“Girl… I’m so going to his concert because i’m a real biebette!”

Bieberphobia: Fear of Justin Bieber.
Annie: Wanna come to the Justin Bieber concert with me?
Michael : WAAAAAA!!!!!!!
Annie: Bieberphobia, eh?

Bieberphile: A female over 30 year old (or in some cases a male) who has an unnatural, creepy and quite frankly unhealthy obsession with Justin Bieber.
Daughter: Mommy.. did you see my Justin Bieber posters? I have 8 posters and they all gone.
Mother : Oh.. I forgot, it’s in on my bed. Sorry honey..
Daughter : OMG Mom…eww.. what did u do? you’re such a Bieberphile!

Bieber-Shawty: Justin Bieber girlfriend or anyone he is currently dating.
Rachel: OMG.. u won’t believe this. JB kissed Jasmine Villegas in video “BABY.”
Bev : Really? Is she bieber-shawty?

Bieber-Hater: People who hate Justin Bieber because of jealousy and unknown reasons.
Rebekah: “omgg justin is lyk hott i wanna be his shawty :) :)”
Lisa: “ikr omg justin biber i luv”
Boy-Troll: “You guys are pathetic. Justin Bieber is gay fag.”
Lisa: “OMG U bieber hater, U’re just JEALOUSS OF JUSTIN!!! GET A LIFFEEEE!!!!!!”

BIEBERculosis: a love curse of being in love with Justin Bieber.
“Oh my gosh, i think i have BIEBERculosis.”

  • Emilia

    I most definitely have Bieberculosis ;) and my boyfriend, funnily enough, has Bieber fever too!!

    • Aprilinda

      u’re so lucky, Emilia cuz u got on one way ith ur bf,,
      my bf just get so mad, cuz I talk about JB all the time.
      “jelous” mode: on

    • Donesha butler

      I love Justin Bieber I have bieberfever who wouldn’t he hott and very sweet and nice 2 cute he’s the real man we love u JB HERE IN CHICAGO IL I ROCK FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER WEEZYYZ LOVE U

  • Mz.Bieber


  • Justin Bieber #1 Fan!

    @ Emilia – Hahaha LMAO you have Bieberculosis, a love curse of being in love with Justin when you have a boyfriend? Does he know you’re cheating on him with Justin? ;)

  • Thaniya

    I am a belieber with bieber fever, biebette, i have bieberculosis and want to be a bieber shawty!! <3

  • bettina

    I’m a belieber. I have a bieber-fever and bieberculosis that makes me want to be a bieber-shawty!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cute_little_girl

    …FYI, i’m the true bieber shawty… LOLz… peace guyzZZz… okay… we’re all bieber shawties… LOLzzzz.. all of us have bieber-fever, bieberculosis and a belieber…. loveyousomuch JUSTIN BIEBER!!!

    • Aprilinda

      i agree ^__^

      • bieber grrl

        I agree

  • gigi

    i got all of those but not the hating part lol

  • Trixie

    All my friends have Bieber Fever but i’m truely Justin’s Bieber shawty. HE IS SO HAWWWWWWWTTTTTT!!!!!

  • Emalie

    for all of you bieber lovers you guys rock but all of you bieber dissers really need to open your eyes and stop falling for those ugly guys that smell because you dont know what your missing he is sweet and your boyfriends are probubly eathier gay or fags also if you are a boy and you think justin bieber is a fag then why are you even on his website if you don’t even like him are you gay i bet you are so how did you like that Jk Jk
    i’m just kidding people have there own points of view so see ya

  • Courtney

    I have Bieber- Fever and Bieberculosis!!! Cuz you’re so HOT!!!

  • Cthulhu

    BABY: A word incompetent teenage wannabe singers throw into their crap pop songs when they are unable to create even a simple pop song, usually resulting in four minutes of the singer singing the word “BABY” over and over and over again.

    OMG!!!111 GRAMMA STALIN :3 : A word used to describe teenage fangirls who lack even the minute intellect required to understand the simplest of English semantics and grammar. These girls spend their entire day typing IN ALL CAPS about how much they “LUV JUSTIN BIBER SOOOOO MUCH OMG!!!!.” A majority of their statements are unreadable gibberish due to their inability to spell.

    The Gay Effect: A phenomenon in which females form close yet non-sexual bonds with effeminate homosexual men, often exploited by gay teen pop stars to cover up their lack of talent.

    • Kyle

      My god…Lord Cthulhu has awaken!
      *kneels before the almighty Cthulhu*
      Finally, the Ancient God shall relinquish us from our eternal torment in this life…And soon we shall be rid of Justin Bieber…wait, I’ll be dead too…
      Dear Cthulhu,
      Please just take Justin Bieber’s soul (if it exists) and go back to resting for a couple hundred more years so I can enjoy life again
      Your loyal servant,
      PS:The Game

      • Shirin

        LOL. Rawk on!!

    • Bieliber

      i hate you if you Don’t Like the sexy Justin Bieber Get off the site go get a life hoe !

  • Gus

    Love the words , so BIEBERLISIOUS!! :-)

  • jessie and enya

    enya turner is completly in love with u so am i please come to dublin and give use vip yickets 2 ur concert we would do anything to meet you please. we dont know loads about because that would but we want to get to know you. bye bye justin we love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lowenna

    what that bieberty thing is so mean…he has hit puberty duh hes 16, the bieberphile thing is scary and i am defo a beliber and a biebette

  • Amy

    Omg I fick’n lovve Jb. Soooooo yummy

  • Lyric


    • kimmmmmmmy:)

      your cool :|

  • Trixie


  • Mary Dorothy

    justin bieber is cute.. and i like him cause were same.. i sing too. i sing a lot especially in my school. i hope to meet him soon, but sometimes i think it’s imposiible to meet him cause i’m from the philippines and i cant be sure if he’s going to have a concert here in the philippines.

  • That little girl :D

    Heyy, come to Singapore soon wont ya?

  • natty

    i’m a belieber
    who has beiber fever
    also a beibette
    wanna be his beiber-shawty
    nt a beiber-hater
    and comin down wit beiber culosis

  • normal person

    i think this whole site is a big bieber fail XD

    • kimmmmmmmy:)

      your a fail.. XD

      • Someonewhostronglydislikesbieberandhistrashmusic

        please stop defending your Bieber fa*got.

      • Jessica Biebette

        What do you guys Bieber haters are doing here? I mean wtf, if you hate him get away from here!

  • daniela zavala

    i love justin beiber and i would like to go to his concert but my parents dont have enough money to take me.:(


  • beiber-hater

    Justin beibers a gay fag >:C

    Hip-hop or what ever the **** that is sucks, metal and rock ftw!

    • kimmmmmmmy:)

      your a gay fag,, geez if you hate justin bieber so much then why are you on this site…??
      just cause you cant sing.

  • jb#1fan

    just bieber is not gay u bieber hater

  • Hater of Beiber

    Justin Beiber is a faggot. Shutup cock master. Bloody 10 year old

    • kimmmmmmmy:)


  • the voice of reason

    you guys knw that he really has no talent first off hes a pussy.. second off i kno the music i ndustry so u guys need to kno he dousent rite any of his songs evan tho it sais he does and third off hes voice on the record and on stage is 90 percent autotune to he cn sound like shit and it will fix it…there ya go hes a notalent litle pussy

    • kimmmmmmmy:)

      just beacause you hace no talent, you dont have to be jealous of him.
      and he found on utube so he has a natural talent!
      geeez go sit in a dark corner where you belong

  • Diamondj

    all u bieber haters need to shut the h-e-double hockey sticks up and + he has more talent than u would ever have

    • kimmmmmmmy:)

      hahha! i agree with you:D

    • Kyle

      I think you mean shut the hell up…hell isn’t a bad word…it is the place in which the devil resides, and can be replaced with hades or the 9 circles (think it might be 7, but not to sure, any divine comedy/dante’s inferno fans care to correct me, because this will bother me if I don’t get an answer). secondly, I am not one to brag, but I do have talent, but still dislike Justin Bieber.

  • Lyric

    I use the word Bieber-Hater all the time. Some boys @ my school are just mean sayin that Justin and his fans should go kill themselves!!!!! I hate Bieber-Haters THEY should go kill themselves NOT US!!!!! I love you Justin! We all do!

    • Kyle

      Well lyric, I myself dislike JB with a great intensity, but I don’t think he or his fans should off themselves (except one person who replaced god with bieber)…to wish death upon people is a great tragedy, and it seems you have given in…to wish death upon someone means you have no compassion for human life, but then later saying “I love you” means you do in fact have compassion, which means you are a walking, talking, eating, breathing contradiction.

  • Bieberi Retardi

    Ok guys…let’s get this straight. Justin sucks at singing. I mean he is 15 years old and hasn’t hit puberty and sings a powerful lyrics with his five year old voice. I am not even sure if he writes his own lyrics or if he gets Usher to do it for him. This fagit is ruining the meaning of being on the stage and singing. All he need to do is just blow few kisses instead of sining. Singer is not based on looks but how they sing. Yeah, if they are great looking person- then great! However, they all need to sing well and i don’t care if it is rap, R&B, Pop, country or ….ect. He is worse than Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus knows what she is singing. But Justin doesn’t. Now all the stupid 10-14 year olds who does not have proper boyfriend are lining up to be his boyfriend when Justin is buring his face on 30 year old boob while dancing cuz he is short.THIS IS BULLSHIT.

    • kimmmmmmmy:)

      omg have you got a brain in that smaall head of yours..?
      oh and do you have ears? justin bieber is a great singing and you need to shut the hell up cause you have no idea what you are talking about.
      your just jealous that you cant get girls.
      you can go and smah your head against a wall to knock some sense into that small head of yours.
      miley cyrus sucks! and she has nothing to do with justin bieber so i dont know why you bought her up.
      and so what he was dancing with a 30 year old noone gives a crap!. and i dont see you abusing her.! and he is short who cares noone is perfect and i cant that your nothing close to perfect!
      now get lost cause i just ripped you!!!!

    • Anna(:

      Okkay you need to shut up. If you have nothing better to do than to make funn of plp then you need to get a life!! Plp who make fun of othe plp are just doing that to make them self fill better. Rly you should Shut Up. Itsa bunch of crap. I love justin and you should jus like give up on being a Bieber_Hater. If you dis like him so much then why in the poop did you look em up? Thats the only way you found this web site! so answer that one.

    • Samantha

      i soo agree with you have you heard him live at concert ? hes absolutely awful it hurts my ears when i listen to him

      • MALVIKA–loveJB

        two words — FUCK OFF!! thats all i wanna say

  • Bieberi Retardi

    Wow…justin bieber fans suck. They are not rich enough to go to Bieber’s concert? Black Eyed Peas has fans like me who’s father is millionaire and talked with Bill Gates before.

    • kimmmmmmmy:)

      your such a sped!

    • MALVIKA–loveJB

      dude– go fuck urself…Black Eyed Peas hav fans like u?.. uugghh!!no wonder why they r not that famous… then its better Justin has fans like us…nd puhleezz…u think thats its only u who’z a millionaire…there r more people who r zillionaire nd are fans of Justin Bieber and NOT Black Eyed Peas…ha!!