Justin Bieber didn’t Win Juno Awards

Justin Bieber with fans at Juno Awards, Canada.

Bad news guys… Justin Bieber didn’t win Juno Awards, it kind of make me sad. uhh.. 🙁

Justin wass nominated for 3 categories; Album of the Year, Pop Album of the Year, and New Artist of the Year. And he didn’t win single Awards. (not fair) duhh

So who’s the winner of Juno Awards? well.. JB’s close friend, Drake, took home the New Artist of the Year award. While Michael Buble took both the Album of the Year honors and Pop Album of the year from Bieber. (sucks)

After the Juno Awards finished, Justin remained upbeat, and tweeted to fans: “Fun night…got to share it with good people,”.

What do you think guys? Personally I think JB should have WON at least one of the 3 categories. Consider that “My Wolrd 2.0” is #1 on Billboard and become one of the best selling album of the year.

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