Justin Bieber Got Driver Lisence

JUSTIN Bieber got his driver lisence. He was spotted at a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office with his mother on Tuesday after successfully completing the necessary checks to legally allow him behind the wheel.

According to gossip website TMZ, the star posed for his license photograph several times before choosing one he liked. Passing his driving test means Justin is now able to take control of the luxury Range Rover his mentor Usher bought him as a 16th birthday gift last month.

Speaking about his celebrations, Justin said recently, “I was in Los Angeles for my birthday. Usher helped buy me a car. He bought me a Range Rover.”

image via: interview mag

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  • nyiesha

    Awesome! Now he can take me on a date!!! Lol!!

  • nya

    yes people gonna be seein me and him together singing and he gonna be singing for me in the car.

  • matison

    hey justin i think your so cute and i dont just say that about anybody and my cousins and i love you so much we have a club only about you we have posters everywhere in our rooms wait till i tell them i told you about our club there gonna faint well bye

  • Nancy

    so freckin awesome lets go out in ur new car babe love u justin bieber

  • Kali

    on my graduation ceromony for 5th grade, everyone is going to be singing the time of our lives by david cook and while other 5th graders are singing that my class i going to start singing down to earth!!! then the whole 5th grade will start singing!!!!Hey justin, can u come to my school suwwanee elementary?

  • gigi

    finally now me and him can drive together in stead of going in different cars. your girlfriend p.s luv your website :)

  • gigi

    and thanks for dating your number 1 fan me even we met backstage at your concert u started hitting on me and now u have a car woohoo u rock!

  • kiana

    can he pick me up

  • Mrs.Bieber1

    yay my boo got his lisence and ima be in his car right nxt to him lol

  • ritzabieberblast14

    awww….my bby got his lisence i am so happy now he can come and see me and take me 4 a ride lol jk i really am happy <3 :)

  • cute_little_girl

    …you’re a cool guy!!!… would you drive me home tonight???… LOLzzzzz….

  • mytwpbieber

    omg!You will look dashing at all if driving a Range Rover ….!!


    i bet your car is the best there is because your the one driveing in it so yeah


    i love him but im not going to be a clingy because i wanna be freinds because thats what most girls probley get to be with justin but i wanna meet him too so bad


    justin is the best but one thing that turns me off is tht he made tht bieber or die video and i dident like it at all because it was like justins devil side came out and left the angel side hangin

  • I love justin bieber

    my baby got his lisence cute


    hes not your baby and guess what i vip tickets to his concerts in july plus back stgae passes and its so awesome i know your jelous and i dont care sorry

  • lola



    haha kool i love him and know all his songs but im favorite is stuck in the moment but i hate they song that sould be me because someone broke justinz heart they sould pay am i right

  • maddiee

    i just wannna say to that ASHTYN that no one give a shit f you got VIP tickets to him in july so get over urself and dont rub it in peoples faces well dont JBieber

  • nyiesha

    Yeah!!! Justin got his drivers lisencen!!

  • AlwaysMika

    Congratulation JB! You’ve got your driver lisence!!!

  • shazia

    hey justin congrats on ur drivers license. way 2 go luv ya loadz. xxx

  • Iluvjustinbieber!!!!!

    Congrats JB!!hope u enjoy ur new range rover :D

  • Macey

    Wowwwwwww I wish I could drive…….

  • Aliannie

    Congrates justin have fun wit your car so congrats i cany belive a range rover thats amazing

  • wadeva

    love me JB

  • Bieber_Liscious

    maybe one day justin can ake me for a ride but there is a 1 in a million chance of that cause he travels everywhere and unless he ever does a concert in wetumpka alabama or i go somewhere where hes chilling then i dont think thats ever going to hsppen