Justin Bieber Hairstyle Name

There’s the afro, the bowl cut, the buzz cut, the faux hawk and now there’s the Bieber! We’re breaking down Justin Bieber’s huge, growing influence in the wonderful world of hair.

Justin Bieber is hands-down the hottest thing on the entertainment scene right now. Girls love him, guys want to be him and get this – now, we’ve learned that even his hair style is setting trends. JB is known for his signature shaggy do and shaking it when he hits the stage.

And of course his female fans love the look. Well now it seems that guys are following suit and asking hair stylists to give them the Bieber…you know you’ve hit it big when that happens.

So, think its time to name the famous style. Should we simply call it the Bieber? Or should we give it a more snappy name like the the Bieb-bob or the Bieberlicious? Any ideas?

  1. nge
  2. edward
  3. lady gaga
  4. victoria
  5. des
  6. jeri
  7. jeri
  8. Lizzy
  9. Lizzy
  10. Tina fey
  11. tania
  12. Amanda
  13. jenny
  14. miss.Bieber!
  15. Lowenna
  16. JBisShit
  17. Daphne
  18. Marce
  19. natty
  20. Daisy
  21. Mz.Bieber
  22. mzbieber4life
  23. JellyBalls
  24. mzbieber4life
  25. Lyric
  26. Ashini
  27. lola
  28. liv stok
  29. cydndjb
  30. alLySonN .x

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