Justin Bieber Hairstyle Name

There’s the afro, the bowl cut, the buzz cut, the faux hawk and now there’s the Bieber! We’re breaking down Justin Bieber’s huge, growing influence in the wonderful world of hair.

Justin Bieber is hands-down the hottest thing on the entertainment scene right now. Girls love him, guys want to be him and get this – now, we’ve learned that even his hair style is setting trends. JB is known for his signature shaggy do and shaking it when he hits the stage.

And of course his female fans love the look. Well now it seems that guys are following suit and asking hair stylists to give them the Bieber…you know you’ve hit it big when that happens.

So, think its time to name the famous style. Should we simply call it the Bieber? Or should we give it a more snappy name like the the Bieb-bob or the Bieberlicious? Any ideas?

  • alLySonN .x

    LOLss just leave it at the BIEBER LOL he will be well known for yearss ahahha

  • cydndjb

    I LOVE IT!!.. SHAGGY DO a.k.a. “HOTTEST HAIRSTYLE EVER”. haha.. love the styles!! and most of all JB <3!!

  • mytwpbieber

    wow!!!that’s so cool!!!

  • liv stok

    call it the bieeeepza he is so hot i want him between my legs and for him to jizz in me and make me his lady. Justin my pussy lips are calling

    PS i am 8 :)

  • lola

    i just have to say this some people say that he look like a girl but he look hot with that hairstyle!!!

  • Ashini

    uh.. BIEBER is a good namee or maybee BIEBER SHAKE :P i luv himm hairr

  • Lyric

    to justin bieber: LOL that a good name 4 a hair style

    to liv stok:

  • mzbieber4life

    rite wat r u parents teachn u liv stok and they should call it the bieber bob or the bieber or the bieber style

  • JellyBalls

    The virgin head condom seems like a much more fitting name for his hairstyle.

  • mzbieber4life

    rite wat r u parents teachn u liv stok and they should call it the bieber bob or the bieber or the bieber style but i like the hair style it looks pretty and better on jb

  • Mz.Bieber

    just keep it bieber or the biebs. he is getting famous 4 everything I LOVE HIM

  • Daisy

    Just leave it da way it is “the bieber”

  • natty

    dats wat i call him “bieberlicious”

  • Meghan

    I like “the bieb” ;)

  • Marce

    I like the name Bieber-Style! would be very cool :D

  • Daphne

    some wiil say it’s weird but i like it:)

  • JBisShit

    It’s perhaps the most shit-tastic celebrity hair style I know of. How about we call it the “Y’know-that-hairstyle-that-the-autotune-fool-has”.

  • Justin_Bieber


  • Lowenna

    omgggg you dirty little girl liv stok!!!

  • miss.Bieber!

    you´re soo fuckiing hoot!! <3
    i´m in loved with yoouu :D

  • jenny

    You should call it the shaggy Mc bieber ;) Mc for mc donalds because he loves that :P

  • Amanda

    He should call it something original.
    like the flip do.
    or something like that :)

  • tania

    i love you u r hot cute sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:$:$:$:$:$

  • Tina fey

    As I said Children, he doesn’t want you.

  • Lizzy

    He should call it Sexy Shaggy Do because it looks sexy

  • Lizzy

    His hair is really sexy and I LOVE IT SO MUCH

  • jeri

    omg you should like call it the sexy hair becaus he is hot and so is his hair lol :D :)<3♥♥♥♥♥

  • jeri

    he is so fucking hot i like bieberlicous cause he is and he is mine so back away sisters :D :)<3 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • des

    i think we should leave it the bieber do!!!!!!!!

  • victoria

    love you wonder if you’ll come to Brazil because I will fix your show pro kisses