Justin Bieber on Chat Roulette?

Justin Bieber, were you REALLY on Chat Roulette this week?

You were rolling eggs on the White House lawn with the Obamas, fending off Tina Fey on “Saturday Night Live,” running People magazine, getting your driver’s license, traveling the world and being the biggest little bawse on Twitter, HOW do you find time to get up on the Chat Roulette, hm?

There are two possible explanations to the mystery of Justin Bieber on Chat Roulette:

1.) It’s not Justin Bieber but instead a celebrity imposter — remember those fake Jonas Brothers-on-Chat-Roulette videos people were making with old video footage of the Jonas Brothers? Right. Anyone can clip video footage of someone from an old chat and claim to be that person. It’s not like Chat Roulette verifies your identity. It’s pretty much the Wild West.

2.) Justin Bieber, like every other person willing to risk seeing anything pop up in that chat window (and I do mean ANYTHING), really was on Chat Roulette. Because Justin Bieber is EVERYWHERE. 😉


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