Justin Bieber Scratching his Balls

lol yet funny pic of Justin.
Not sure what is he doing. I think he is scratching his balls? or he is trying to get rid of sand in his pants. lol. Can anyone tell?
And by the way, Why do boys scratching their balls? i know this is so out of topic.. lmaoo

Justin has a great body now. Look at Justin Bieber’s six packs.

  1. dude tht is so gross but im used to it bc i lived wiht my 2 boy cousin and they did tht all the time but then i moved and now im not used to it again but boys will be boys and also get ur hands out of ur pants justin bieber

  2. ok kind of gross and kind of funny at the same time,but it does prove he is a boy cause some people that don’t like him say he is a girl

  3. wow, thats funny i prove that he is a man… lol thats funny, here in kentucky ppl say thaat he is e worst singer alive… but anyways i love jb and i know that all of do.. so that the press needs to back off and not be so pushy pushy, and stuff there just mad that they aren’t as cool as bieber…. i hope he will have a concert close to kentucky so i can go…..peace out and i will always love justin boeber

    • future mrs bieber well too bad cause i am already mrs bieber so throw away that thout mrs. im not justin biebers wife

      • right his cleaning it because it is full of dirt ew……………………………you know jb im sorry for my comments im really100000000000000x im really sorry justin just having fun.im sorry i know it was not funny im sorry.i hope you accept this.again im so sorry.

  4. you don’t HAVE to post that -.- pour him !! what would you do if some one take a picture of you when you pill in you nose of something … that would be inberesing -.- God Bless Justin <3

    • Why would you put a pill up your nose? Is there some new pill out that i dont know about? One that goes up the nasal area instead of anally and in the mouth?

    • yes im getting sorry about it.okay sorry.is that okay for you?i know you loved him so much,but im saying sorry,i swer,okay right now i will get sorry to the lord im doing it riht now its not my intention to hurt him or you.i dont care if you do not accept this sorry but the for me the lord knows it.im just a person who was getting a mistake.you should understand that because your a person.

    • not only god bless justin even me bless justin but when i saw this i’m gonna bless him by not doing this again lolz!!!!!

      • hey stop i saw a site when selana gomez was naked but it wasn’t true sometimes they fake it so that really couldn’t have been justin bieber sometimes they got a pic of the body and not the head so they could have put his head on that body you never know! i knew that because when i was on that selana website and i saw those pics and her head was a little big so that really wasn’t selana gomez and i dont think that that was justin bieber i dont love justin bieber and i dont want to marry justin bieber i want him as a friend but not a BOYFRIEND! beacause im taken by martin my boyfriend and tim dont say h-e-l-l i use heck not h-e-l-l and if you bad stuff to tell justin dont thats mean if YOU WERE HIM WOULD YOU BE MAD IF YOU SEE PICS THAT WEREN’T TRUE THEN PEOPLE SAID NEGATIVE COMMETS THATS NOT RIGHT IF YOU SAY DUMB AND RUDE AND NEGATIVE STUFF ABOUT JUSTIN THEN YOUR A CRAB ON A DINNER TABLE SORRY FOR SAYING THAT BUT IT IS TRUE SO DONT AND IF YOU DONT EVEN LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER THEN WHY THE HECK ARE YOU ON THIS SITE HUH/ WELL IM 17 AND I JUST LIKE JUST AS A FRIEND AND I STILL CARE FOR HIM : ]

  5. Eu ♥ Te Amo Justin Bieber ♥
    Nunca vou te esquecer,vc sempre estará aqui no meu coração (♥)…
    E não só amo você como amo suas músicas ramanticas e as outras também,sei cantar algumas de suas músicas mas não ela toddinha , ‘huashuashuas’ .
    De uma das suas fãs ” Alessandra Miranda ”
    Para : Justin Bieber

  6. I love Justin Bieber,you’ll always be here in my heart…
    I love your music !

    From:Alessandra Miranda
    To:Justin Bieber


  8. i dont understand are u a justin bieber fansite u love him so why do u try 2 bring out bad things about him anyways i dont think hes scrathcing his balls and if yes hes human love u forever justin. stop putting negative things up about him please thanks

  9. i think that this so called photo of justin scratching his balls is not justin at all. if you look closly you will see this imposter is taller and less good lookingn than our beloved justin bieber

  10. Justin Bieber is not scratching his balls. As you can see in the picture beside it , he is hiding a surf ball in his pants as a joke to his buddies.

  11. omg that is justin and yes he probably is getting sand out of his pants. and gosh she’s putting negative stuff she was asking a simple question!! quit thinking so negative

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