Justin Bieber Video Interview in Japan TV

Watch Justin Bieber speak japanese at minute 3:10 haha
What do you think of his interview in Japan?

  • Daphne

    you have the point…justin bieber is an asian like me awesome

  • Ny’Asia Butler

    Even in japan justin is awsome he is awsome wen n watever he does huuuhuuuuhuuuuh i love justin bieber btw this is justins biggest fan nyasia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gus

    Justin Bieber is so lucky to be in the position that he is now…:-)

  • Tyla

    I have noooo idea what they were sayin bout him but it sounded funny:)

  • bieber fevr

    wow justin is sooo adorable hell never get any cuter but now he is !i luv u jb keep living the life!

  • i love justin

    I cant beliv it he is going back home after girls went mad for him in aus> dont go Justin !!!