Sean Kingston ft. Justin Bieber Eenie Meenie PARODY VIDEO

Love this song. And the video is funny too!

  • nairobi

    that was a funny vidoe i bet even justin is loughing about this vidoe.still just like jb.

  • Tyla

    Lol awsome job guys!!! I’m pissin myself rite now! Lol

  • Debbi

    I can’t see the video because sony music is blocked here, in this country, and the video is with sony music :((

  • Lyric


  • ana

    that is so freaky how they dress!booooo!! i thoght this was going to be the real one not the fake one !!

  • hanna derboghosian

    yall are so weired

  • nyiesha

    W0W tht video was crazy… But I still like him…not love but like cuz I don’t no hym like tht 2 luv hym!!!

  • tytiana

    hilarious and Justin think it is 2

  • Kaitlynn

    That was funny but I don’t like the fact they were janking on JB…..

  • AwesomeAshley


  • Mz.Bieber

    they dont got nothin better to do

  • dje

    the video doesn’t better than justin’s video

  • alexus

    how can u think this stupid video is funny THEY WEAR MAKING FUN OF JUSTIN WAT IS RONG WITH U SOME FAN NOT

  • Lowenna

    it wont let me watch it

  • teeana

    i love u justin bieber

  • tatsuhiro

    you do realise that you can be a fan and still find it funny when people take the piss or make fun of the band or person you are a fan of, thats what having a sense of humor is all about

  • soo-yun

    i really hate it when they block it in our country…grr….anywayz,,, you’re the man justin..shame on the people who are insecure..but i bet most of them are guys..lol

  • rob

    justin bieber needs to be beaten with a large metal pole and so do his fans.

  • penny

    hisss bollons have dropt aparently