Calling all Beliebers to Vote Justin Bieber on MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA)

Are you beliebers? so what are you waiting for? Vote Justin Bieber now for “Ur Fave Video” and “Ur Fave New Artist.”

Click Here to VOTE

Let’s hope JB gonna win this time.

Note: you can only vote 1 time for each category.

Click here to read Justin Bieber didn’t win Juno awards in Canada!

  1. Allison johnson
  2. bieber kaye
  3. bieber kaye
  4. bieber kaye
  5. Irina
  6. afiey_94
  7. Bieber-Shawty
  8. Bieber-Shawty
  9. TanyaP
  10. mrs. rhylee bieber
  11. Trixie
    • bieber fevr
  12. mrs.justinbieber00
  13. Tyla
    • Dalia

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