Got Booed at Radio 1, Justin Bieber Rescued by Jared Leto

Rocker Jared Leto came to Justin Bieber’s rescue on Saturday by defending JB after he was booed at a British music festival.

Leto was performing on stage with his band 30 Seconds To Mars at Radio 1’s Big Weekend event in Bangor, Wales, UK, when Bieber’s name was announced over a speaker ahead of his performance.

The crowd proceeded to boo Justin but rocker Leto quickly ordered them to stop, reports JustJared.com.

He told the audience, “He’s a young kid. He’ll be able to charm the crowd.”

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  • mrs.bieber

    thank goodness he was there

    • Leto Lover

      yes your right!! Jared Leto is amazing hes my idol espicially for reasons like these :)

  • Megan

    Why boo him? If they don’t like him, they shouldn’t stand and watch him, they should of walked away and watched somebody else. He’s a 16 year old boy and that can put his confidence way down which isn’t a nice thing to do. He’s a great singer and i think it’s lovely of Jared Leto to stick up for him otherwise nobody else would of. All the people that hate on him need to realise that saying nasty stuff about him isn’t doing anything good, if they haven’t got nothing nice to say then they shouldn’t say anything at all :)

    • Bianca

      i totally agree with u. Justin Bieber is an awsome guy.

    • Brittany

      I agree with you 100% bcuz ur rite!!thanks.

      • Luke

        Um its spelled right not rite. A rite is a ceremonial act. Ex. Catholics celebrate the rite of the Mass. A boy’s first haircut is a rite of passage. pwnd no0b :P

    • Luke

      hes a disgrace to all 16 year old boys everywhere.

      • lizlovessteven

        hey! if u dnt like justin bieber, then why r u even on here? that proves u have seriously NO LIFE other than making fun of people u hate online. and who cares about a “rite”? yeah thats right, no one. so go away please. there i was nice.

      • Muttly

        I care!
        And it sounds like your making fun of people just like Luke is you think that your better, just cuz you don’t care about anybody else. Come back when you’ve got over yourself.

  • kourtney

    i agree 100000000000000000000000% with megan ok hes a really kool guy ok i know him if u dont like im o well go away no need to be mean

    • Luke

      **I agree 1.0 × 10^42% with Megan ok hes a really cool guy. I know him if u dont like him oh well go away no need to be mean!

      What grade are you in?

  • http://www.justinbieberzone.com Crystal Valburn

    you dont have to hate on bieber first he just started in the music indastry and he is really goood stop b eing MEAN

  • http://www.justinbieberzone.com Crystal Valburn

    you dont have to hate on bieber first he just started in the music indastry and he is really goood stop b eing MEAN

    • Luke

      No, I don’t have to. Freedom of speech for one. Two I don’t give a flying fuck what you think! :) Have a nice day now.

  • the official justin bieber

    i remember when i got booed.some girl started crying. lol that was my girlfriend.just kidding!i dont have a girl friend.im availave but fans,i might ask a girl out which migth ruin your 1 chance so try to impress me.i said i hated that but i reallu=y love it when girls do that.lol i love all my fans <3
    _____ ______
    __ I LOVE YOU GUYS! :D

    • Luke

      wow your cool.

  • alexis bieber

    wtf is wrong wwith people!
    i love you Justin forever no matter what.. im always here for you :)

    • Luke

      your a lame, fat ass who needs to go run a couple laps around your house instead of fan girling

      • lizlovessteven

        ya know what luke? just shuy up, ok? girls can fantasize and can rly lov jb ur just a lame, ugly, annoying freak. so there.

      • Luke

        **You know what Luke? just shut up, ok? We girls can fantasize and can really love Justen Bieber ur just a lame, ugly, annoying freak. so there.

        Wow, you fail.

      • Ian

        first off, “lizlovessteven”, pass gradescool, your grammar and spelling are things that shant be desired by anyone over the age of 3, and secondly, love? what the hell? love as in enjoy his “music” if thats what you call a testicle-less abomination squeeling into a microphone? seriously, get a better taste in music.

      • Ian

        and take note, she didnt deny the fact of her fat-ass self not being able to run a few laps around her 200sq ft house.

      • Luke

        True, True.

      • Leto Lover

        Luke shut the f*ck up ok!! im not a fan of justin but that doesnt give you a right to judge people just because they like something that YOU dont! grow up!!

  • Ashley

    That is soooooooooo rude! how dare they!

    I bet Bieber was sooooooooo embarrassed!

    • Luke


      • lizlovessteven

        DUDE!GO AWAY! GOD!

      • Luke


  • Who Craig?

    Slap yourself for bringing his age up, Megan. Just by saying “he’s 16 years old” is not gonna stop this colossal failure from being crticized. I hate it when he says that. As if it makes us feel bad for doing it no it doesn’t. You need to realize not all of us are older than him, so it doesnt matter shat his age is. /rant

  • WTF is with you morons?

    Hahahaha, the little bitch got what he deserved, fucking wannabe nigger thinks hes punk ass. I really wouldnt give a fuck if I didnt see this talentless prepube everywhere.


  • Justin’s Ex Girlfriend.


    I’m Caitlin
    And Yes I Have Recently had An Accident.
    But All Of You Here Cant Exactly Try And Change Any Of The Booers Minds They Booed Because they May Not Be into Justins Music Like We All Are! EveryOne Has They’re Own Opinions Ok,
    And Craig, It Doesnt Matter If Megan Told Everyone That Jb Is 16! He’s A Teen Pop Sensation Everyone Knows How Old He Is He Doesnt Hide Anythig! So Stop Slagging Each Other Off And Just Put It Behind You Ok.
    Thanks For Reading this xx
    Oh Yeah And Justin I Still Have Feelings For You Xxxx

    • Luke

      wow…. your pathetic…. .

      • Adrian

        this is awesome :D having feelings for someone you don’t know a thing about?! poor lil kids

  • karen

    haterz! ignore them!

  • Brook

    “justin’s ex girlfriend” your right about everything

  • aDry

    that was so rude!

    • Luke

      No, it was justified. He is a Pampas, little brat who needs too see that his fan aren’t always going to be there for him. Failure is going to follow him his entire career, he has to learn to deal with it.

      • Luke


      • Ian

        very well put Luke :D

      • Luke

        Thank you.

  • aDry

    poor Justin..that’s ok ignored them we beliebers always support u…

    • Luke

      Beliebers? What is it a cult now?

  • JBFanAlex

    Wow. Cool hair dude blond and pink nice why didn’t I think of that =))

  • sam

    i agree with luke 100%

    bieber needs a hiding.. i would be proud to be the first

    • Luke


  • Leto Lover

    im not a fan of justin beiber or watever but im a huge fan of jared leto and that was a nice thing jared did!! Beiber was just lucky to have him there

  • sebastian

    yeah um all u little girls can go to the red light district already cause we all know how you all are gna end up. i dnt hate bieber i hate his fans they all want so badly to “be with him” but they’ll never manage to.. why because the only thing that brat cares about is making cash off of young teenage girls with hormone imbalances.. what an idiotic bunch of morons in todays age.

  • sky

    Sorry fans, but talentless Bieber deserved to get boo-ed. It was really nice of Jared to stick up for him though. 30stm=amazing(:


    poor Luke, obviously you are an unhappy young lady, with a serious crush on Justin, and trying hard to get his attention. This is not the way little girl, but keep making a fool out of yourself, lol