How to Dress like Justin Bieber

This is only for boys who want to dress like Justin Bieber.
But if you’re a girl and have a brother or boyfriend, you can always try or suggest this dressing tips to them.

Here is what you need;

1. Justin Bieber clothes.
He likes to wear skinny jeans, hooded jackets and shirt. Check out his pics, u’ll get the idea.

2. Justin Bieber dog tags necklace. You sooo must have this. You’re not justin bieber if you dont wear dog tag necklace. ๐Ÿ˜‰

3. Justin Bieber loves colorful shoes or sneakers; this is a must have it.
You can wear either Supra Vaiders shoes, Nike Dunk High shoes, Creative Recreation shoes, or Jump Zeto shoes. Of course, the best is Supra Vaiders shoes. However, if this brands is kind too expensive for you, as an alternative, you might want to buy any Converse Sneakers; which is usually much much cheaper.

4. Justin bieber LOVEs Hat. You must have this. He loves Baseball team NewYok Yankees thats why he wears yankees hat all the time. Make sure to have this in purple, blue, or black color with NY logo.

5. Round sunglasses.
6. Justin bieber Watch. (optional)
7. Justin Bieber scarfs. (optional). He doesn’t wear scarf all the time, only in a special occasion and when the weather is in chilly side.

8. Finally, don’t forget to style and flip that hair really good. hehe good luck!

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