How to Dress like Justin Bieber

This is only for boys who want to dress like Justin Bieber.
But if you’re a girl and have a brother or boyfriend, you can always try or suggest this dressing tips to them.

Here is what you need;

1. Justin Bieber clothes.
He likes to wear skinny jeans, hooded jackets and shirt. Check out his pics, u’ll get the idea.

2. Justin Bieber dog tags necklace. You sooo must have this. You’re not justin bieber if you dont wear dog tag necklace. ;)

3. Justin Bieber loves colorful shoes or sneakers; this is a must have it.
You can wear either Supra Vaiders shoes, Nike Dunk High shoes, Creative Recreation shoes, or Jump Zeto shoes. Of course, the best is Supra Vaiders shoes. However, if this brands is kind too expensive for you, as an alternative, you might want to buy any Converse Sneakers; which is usually much much cheaper.

4. Justin bieber LOVEs Hat. You must have this. He loves Baseball team NewYok Yankees thats why he wears yankees hat all the time. Make sure to have this in purple, blue, or black color with NY logo.

5. Round sunglasses.
6. Justin bieber Watch. (optional)
7. Justin Bieber scarfs. (optional). He doesn’t wear scarf all the time, only in a special occasion and when the weather is in chilly side.

8. Finally, don’t forget to style and flip that hair really good. hehe good luck!

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  4. i love justin bieber i’m stell want him to be my boyfriend because he looks so hot and sexy thats why i’m going to atlanta because i want to meet him sooo badly!!!!!!!!!!

    • keep on dreaming honey. but i tell you that you will never get him. ssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo keep dreaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You don’t have to be rude … I bet jb had people telling him that he will never be famous but he believed and followed his dreams and look where that got him 8) not trying to be rude but seriously!!

      • nick is it? you shouldnt be on this site cuz your a DOWWWWWWNNNNNEEERRRRRRR and ummmm u WILL NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER BE BETTER THEN HIM and learn to spell better right!!! maybe she will get YOU DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING!!!! AND NEVER WILL. And if you think shes sooo ewwww than dont touch her! and if you hate jb then how do you even know bout this site? u have bieber fever!! dont fight it!! and if you think he likes men why is it ANY of UR bees wax? so what if he is? does it change the fact that i and half of the girls on this site love him? does it change the fact that hes out there making some 3 million bucks and your sharing your nasty comments?? ever heard of ” if you do NOT have anything nice to say keep your mouth shut’?? didnt think so.

  5. I like sooo much your style specially ur shoes!.. P.S: HAHA just loving your style .. colurfull shoes and.. cute scarfs.. I LOVE IT xD

  6. OMgggg i lovee jb sooo mucch!!!((LL) no 1 could look as niceee as hiimm :O :D i love his new song itss sooo goood ily JB :D(L)

      • omge nick stop so rude mate
        justin is sooooooo sexy and il ove his style :)
        justin come to ballina plzzzzzzzzzzzz we love bu soooo much me and friends would love to meet u and talk plzzzzzzzz no presure thx and hate on all who dis the bieber so shove it damn hes hoy

      • see? here you are again being a Debbie DOOOOOOWWWWWWWWNNNNEEERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! Is it any of your bees wax if she is perving him??? i will come clean if saying hes got style then i have perved him for like 2 years. so if i like his style is kute what is dreaming bout him shirtless?????

      • whats wrong with you?? you are a HATER!! you are nasty. you dont have anything nice to say..ever! and if you hate him then how do you know bout this site… unless you have the fever!!! dont fight it! and i dont think its wrong so nick is it? shut your mouth and return your tude cuz its cheap.

        sry to anyone who was hurt by my comment… but the truth hurts…except nick

  7. i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. He dresses so cute and i wish there was somebody else that dressed like him and looked like him but not try to steal my baby’s spotlight.

  9. i love skinny jeans and hoodie shirts to.actually today i went to go play basketball and i had pink skinny jeans on.

  10. my friend trace is just like him and he flips his hair really good and plays with his bang he looks just like him hesss soooo cue ;)

  11. justin bieber is so awsome i can’t wait to get a hat and shoes like him!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love him he is so hot and he is mine!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope no one tries to steal my man or my man’s spotlight!!!!!!!!! HE IS MINE!!!!


  13. I love how he dresses and i like it when he flips his hair and when he is wearing the jacket with a hoddey and when he where his hoddey in top of his cap and i love him so so so much

  14. I love ♥Justin soooo sooo much!!! I love his music, his hair including the flips, the way he dresses, his name, his smile, his eyes everything about his really!!! I do love him… I always have even before he was famous if I ever had at least just the chance to meet him it would be enough to give me a reason to love. A reason to cherish and hes the reason for the smile on my face he is so amazing! I just wanna kiss him!! I would give the world or my life to see him little lone me thaaa dude!!! he is in everyone of my fantasies I know they’ll never come true but you know i can at least imagine the amazing moment of meeting him♥!!! What can i say I love thaaa dude!!! I would give anything to have a whole day with him… give up my money, my house, my life… ANYTHING!!! I have devotion to him like my friends have to Michael Jackson!!! I know the lyrics to all of his songs have his only CD and everything!!! My World 2.0 is soooo good!!! I dont need no money just his smile keeps me going!!! I LOVE ♥JUSTIN BIEBER♥!!!!

  15. iLove justin bieber with everthinq the day ii meat him wiLl be the day ilL cry tiLl ii can’t cry anymore because he’s Like an angLe sent from above his vocie is so beautifuL and he is so HOT !! ii just reaLy want to meat himm and ii can’t wait tiLl that daaaaaaaaay !! (:

  16. ive met justin bieber once because i got back stage passes to his concert he is truly an awesome guy id do anything to go again you kno time flew by when i was with him if only he loved me he told me im cute and i blushed i told him hes cute and id give my life to be with him he looked at me in a cute real face i spoke up and said really i would he just stood there staring in my eyes i looked back almost lost in reality but then i jolted when the director poked me and said justin lets go he said ok and cracked up laughing by the way i jolted that day was the best id kill to go back to htat day i never wanna wash my lips again because i got to kiss him because he lets his fans do that!!!!!!!!!! i love him and admire him that day was the best just me and my older cousin my older cousin didnt care just took me because my mom couldnt go.. but i loved it every single minute seemed un reallistic i lovee him alot that kiss took my breath away :)anywayz he is awesome :)i am his #1 fan no-one is above me i cried that night because i missed all tha ttime with him……… : / but he knows im there and i kno he likes me because he told me i am pretty cute and i told him to rate me : / expecting to be like a 2 he rated me a 9 and a half :D yay!!!!! i love him alot alot alot alot :) if you dotn believe me its fine but i kno its tur ei hope all of you get that special day thaty i got!!!! :) :) :) :) ~justins biggest fan~ he is cool ///kate\\\

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