Justin Bieber: “I’m Not Really Dating” Miley Cyrus

During interviews on Ellen Show, Justin insists that he was just “hanging out” with Can’t be Tamed singer, Miley Cyrus.

JB admits he’s “not really” dating at all. “Like, I’m dating around, hanging out with girls, but not really dating.”

So Beliebers, please do not send death threats to Miley. She ain’t dating Justin. ;)

Watch the video. At the end of the interviews, Ellen was going to cut JB’s hair. and he was like.. “hell no” lol

  • Sophie

    I think she deserves threats hahahaha JK:)

  • Paige

    Lol justin DATING around i love him!!!

  • Paige

    come on guy give hm a breack he’s “just” “dating around” lol!! love that! datin around!

  • alexa

    can’t actually watch the video but justin is so cute

  • alexa

    but on the news i heard that liam called miliey bueatiful and suddenly justin bieber didn’t come 2 young hollywood awards

  • Lowenna

    justin didnt come to the hollywood awards cos hes filming somebody to love alexa, he doesnt fancy miley at all get over it

  • Trixie



  • missbieber_14

    justin’s not ur man. he’s no ones. well not yet cause he’s still looking for that special girl. and no it’s not me, and no it’s not you either. he e mailed me yesterday and said he already has the girl in his head. and that would suck if ellen cut his hair. man if the was me i would get out of my seat. i wouldn’t stay there like what he did. that’s crazy!!!! =$ =$ =$ ~ scared faces!!!!!!!


  • samantha

    I originally didn’t think he was dating her I had kinda a gut feelin if yA know. What mean . COME TO JAMAICA. PLSE

  • mzbieber4life

    i like the whole time he was getting interviewed especially the end when ellen want to cut his hair that was cute thats gud he want to keep his pretty style

  • mz. S-bieber_shawty

    then it’s good….
    but who is that girl @ his head?
    is it me?
    wish it’s me..
    i wanna date him..
    cus i love him….

  • kourtney

    lol i wuz u justin!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mariah

      i got backstage passes to all his concerts he is so nice wish u guys could all meet him

  • rhylee

    what a relief.

  • Flori


  • juki

    if ellen cut justin’s hair i will kill her!!!!

    • mariah

      i now right

  • miley bell

    i love so so so so much

  • juselly

    sinaidre gente………….

  • lola

    thats good because she dint cut my man hair off!!!because thats all mine right there all mine!!!any way miley cyrus have a boyfriend any ways thats why im not mad at her any way!!!

  • lola

    i want to be justin bieber girlfriend for 11 years,and then i want to marry him and have 3 kids.and then we live happily ever after!!!LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER SO MUCH I HOPE YOU CAN GET A CHANCE TO CALL ME TODAY OR TOMARROW!!!LOVE YOU!!!

  • alissabieber

    shes so lucky she did not cut his beautiful hair or else i would have shot her in her ugly head and if him and miley were dating i would hav shot the ugly S L U T 2

  • miley an JB fan

    I LOVE MILEY CYRUS AND JUSTIN BIEBER! They are just friends and he is allowed to have friends for miley’s sake!!! I love the both of them and think they BOTH are spontaneous.

  • Ella

    i HATE miley cyrus…im wit ellen wen he said dat they r JUST fwends n ellen kept on sayin “wit miley cryus”!!!I WAZ SHOCKED 2!!!omfg justin…u can do BETTER on girls-who-r-JUST-ur-fwends…really…im shocked just like ellen…

    HATE-HATE-HATE miley cryus!!!

  • shazia

    yesssss!!!! i’m sooooo happy he aint datin dat miley cyrus. i h8 her guts!!! i’d av killed her maself if she and justin wer datin. love u justin!!!

  • ilovejustinbieber

    hes so cute when he says hey hey

  • kayl3

    hehe she better not cut hiz hair!:}

  • Debbi

    I can’t see the video!
    Horrible! Can someone lay it out on youtube! I want to see it<3

  • jayni

    i hope he never hits puberdy :`

  • nya

    dont be jealous i was mad he was with her but he can hang out with people he want to.like if he hang out with me nya or my best friend amanda thats what he want to do also love you jb

  • shannon

    i love justin and miley and i wouldent blame her or/and him if they want to got out with the other

  • Jessica Estes

    Hahaha i wuld flip if i found tht out.. im like the biggest JB fan. i have all of cd’s eva released. all the lyrics 2 his song on my wall.. i have evry poster shirt pants or even button.. hahahahaha im the biggest JB fan… ILY Beebs ;P