Justin Bieber Interview on Ellen & 17 Lucky Fans (Video+Pic)

Justin Bieber interview on Ellen Show.

Ellen is very funny and fun kinda person. In general, the interview was good. The problem is that Ellen is very late to the game so talking about his hair, while necessary is overdone and we already know. I do like where Justin talks about how girls try to get pictures with him and things like that. Ellen does try to work the hair thing by putting the Justin Bieber hair on celebrities, Ellen then tries to get a piece of his hair.

Justin then rocks the stage of the Ellen Show by performing “Baby”.

17 lucky fans who get lucky to meet Justin Bieber in Person

In the interview setting, theres also 17 fans of Justin Bieber. They are invited by Ellen Show to meet JB in person.

  1. I’m sorry dyl ellis THIS SITE IS NOT 4 CUSSING OR HATERZ THAT DNT LIKE JUSTIN.I’m just saying this site is 4 TRUE FANS and not PPL like u!!!!

  2. Ohhh I wish all of us are there right?….. hehehehe What the hell am i saying i wish i was there i love you justin bieber

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